success stories with CKD diet

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  1. success stories with CKD diet

    Has anyone tried this diet and did it work? I am thinking about doing it as I am trying to get shredded for summer haha.

  2. Good luck. It's a biatch, but it works WELL. Use clen or an ECA stack with it and you're laughing.

  3. I was thinking about using this stack with it:

    Leviathan Reloaded
    Lean Xtreme 2.0


  4. That's a lot of stuff to be taking. Yohimbe is supposed to be great on a low-carb diet. I wouldn't know personally though because Australian customs steal it from me every time I try to order it!

  5. Been working for me, I've been dropping weight and keeping/gaining muscle

    I used an ECA stack w/ a halfway decent diet and didnt get the results I got from no stims and a quality diet. Plus I drink every weekend and I can see results.

    I'll be posting pics/measurements next week of my progress in my log if you want to follow along.

  6. I will def. be following....if I only remember haha, thanks for the reply's guys

  7. so is there anywhere that has a CKD diet calculator that I can use instead of figuring everything out by myself? what can i say, im lazy.

  8. 10 weeks

    22lbs lost

    ~3.25-3.5" from my waist

    < 1.0" from each major bodypart (chest,arms,legs etc...)

    Clen or ECA would make for some crazy loses.
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  9. that seems like a lot of muscle loss there distilled water......

    and nevermind i found a calculator

  10. Quote Originally Posted by ofwolfandman View Post
    that seems like a lot of muscle loss there distilled water......

    and nevermind i found a calculator
    Nope, Didn't you see the last line?!?!?

    I lost minimal amounts from my arms and chest, actually my legs got bigger. I don't think I lost any muscle. If so it was minimal.
    Serious Nutrition Solutions Representative

  11. sorry bout a little out of it right now...i think im going to start this diet next monday...might keep a log

  12. No CKD. Been on a cyclic diet eating above maintainance for almost 6 months and have gained a substantial amount of muscle.

  13. Quote Originally Posted by ofwolfandman View Post
    that seems like a lot of muscle loss there distilled water......

    and nevermind i found a calculator
    can u post it?

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  14. CKD is a great plan...just remember, if you are carb-sensitive, or prefer to lose more weight, you should limit your carb day one per week. Also, you should take sesamin on low/no carb days, and AP, or Glucophase or whatever glucose shuttling/disposal agent you prefer on your carb up day(s). be very meticulous about your depletion workout and this diet will slice you up nicely. If you are only carbing one day per week, you can be pretty liberal with your choices of carb. Just bracket the ultra high GI carbs after your precarb-up workout. Drink plenty of good, no preservative, preferably dry-hopped beer on your carb up too. Great source of tiramine, b-vitamins, and relaxation.

  15. Quote Originally Posted by ofwolfandman View Post
    repped for that link

    I've switch my carb ups from 48hrs to 12-18hrs and have seen a bigger difference.

    From what I've read your bf% will dictate how long and what kinds of foods your refeeds should be. 12-18hrs of basically whatever I want ( but not eating 10,000calories ) seems to work pretty well

  16. ok just so i have it straight..... Monday thru Friday, no carbs, high protein and high fat. Friday after workout until midnight saturday, 2300 carbs or something, high protein, low low fat. correct? i will be downing lots of xtend and glutamine to keep muscle haha and i will be using leviathan reloaded, lean xtreme, eform, and possibly DCP. should be pretty sweet

  17. Careful about which kind of BCAAs you are injesting..

    Why am I not in Ketosis???

    I posed this question a couple weeks/months back when I couldnt seem to get into ketosis

  18. but as long as I am eating enough fat and keeping carbs very low this should not be a problem correct? i thought you would want bcaa's for this diet to spare as much muscle as possible...?

  19. I would supplement with Leucine as this is a ketogenic amino acid.

    I was using 4-6 scoops of Xtend everyday and not hitting ketosis, so I think. I say I think because even now the keto strips change only ever so slightly, I can tell now because my mouth gets VERY dry and I can tell by the smell of my own breath ( wierd, I know )

    I would pick up some ketostix and play around, thats basically how I found out what worked for me.

    I also eliminated coffee from my diet as I cant drink it w/out atleast 1 cream and 1 pkt of splenda so that might have been the kicker since I eliminated both at the same time.

    I've actually started to use the Xtend again but only 2 scoops mixed w/ 2 teaspoons of bulk during my WO


    Log it bro and throw me the link, i'd love to follow along and offer advice as you can def follow along in my log to give me advise.

    Were all here to help each other better ourselves right? Otherwise we'd be on ragging on each other

  20. I think it was the coffee that was doing it as DatBtrue posted a thread somewhere saying coffee and creamer raised his blood sugar by 9 points or something like that. Then when he used splenda is raised it like 6points. So the combo of the 2 would raise it like 14points, that may have been the culprit right there.

  21. Good call bro, didnt even put 2 and 2 together.

    I did however switch to Green Tea which I have no problem drinking plain.

  22. i hope to do a log, as soon as i get a caliper to measure before and after bf there a limit to how long youre supposed to be on this diet?

  23. DiPasquale calls it a life style change and I BELIEVE that he says this is a life long diet.

    I think once I can get my bodyfat to close to where it needs to be i'll try something like a 33/33/33 macro split.

  24. ok so i was doing some more research and there's another diet similar to this called the TKD diet. it seems to be about on the same level of fat loss but you dont have to do such drastic re-feeds on the weekend...what does everyone think of the TKD diet compared to the CKD?? results of both?


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