water weight question

  1. water weight question

    my sister is asking me what she could take to get rid of some of the water weight she is carrying. i originaly thought she should take water pills, but i wasn't sure if that would be bad for her stomach. she has serious IBS issues and i don't want to recommend something that will f*** her up even more than she already is. i think cutting as much sodium out of her diet is the first thing she should do, but if anyone knows of anything else please chime in here..

  2. nobody

  3. Yeah, she should probably keep and eye on sodium as almost everything that is pre packaged is loaded with sodium. Taraxatone is good for dropping water so is Expel by Mhp but im not to sure if she would run into and problems with her IBS.

  4. Relax, dude. Your post wasn't even up for an hour yet.

    Why does she want to lose "water weight"? Is this for long-term or what?

    Has she consulted a doctor?

  5. sorry about that shes bugging me. she says its a long term deal, she has been to a doctor for her IBS and she has had colonostomies done and she takes things to help her be more regular(although nothing seems to work), she exercises regularly and her diet is ok(she doesn't eat quite enough). she just wants to get rid of the water shes carrying

  6. I dunno, man. Unless a doctor says that she has an excess of water weight, I really don't see a reason for someone to start taking water pills to get rid of it. Sounds fishy to me...I would try to find out why she has this idea that she has extra water in her.

    The only person I ever knew who had to limit their fluid intake was my grandmother, and that's cuz she's a diabetic.

    The long term solution to do it is, ironically, to drink lots of water during the day. Your body will know that it will get all the water it needs, so it doesn't have a reason to retain it.

  7. she has iisues with her weight and i agree it is fishy, she is skinny but she thinks shes fat. she assuming she has water weight because the scale says shes gained around 5 pounds

  8. Well first off try her on Gut Health, it will help with IBS. As far as water weight goes, does she work out?

    B6 once a day will help with water weight, as will taraxatone. But she will really have to keep her water intake high. This stuff makes you thirsty and can really dehydrate you if you don't take water in. As well as not drinking on it!

  9. she goes to the gym a couple times a week, she says she works her a** off but im not there so i cant say that she does. i know she mainly does cardio, im not sure if she does much resistance exercise. thanks though i will tell her about gut health

  10. Is it water weight or fat? I hear the fat guys around here say they want to lose water weight. Lower the sodium intake and if that dont do it then lose the fat.


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