Skin elasticity...

  1. Skin elasticity...

    My brother recently lost about 100 pounds. ~250 down to ~160 and now has a bunch of excess (stretched) skin. Is there anything that would help speed the elasticity process?


  2. anything?

  3. Nope, Just Time, or cosmetic surgery

  4. Depends on how drastic his weight loss was. Ive seen people drop 20 pounds a month for 3 months and be fine. But f he dropped that 100 over a summer or something he could be in trouble.

    Does he have enough extra skin to fan himself when it gets hot out? If so surgery is neccesary.

    I had success, by accident, of going back in weight then slowly dieting down.

    Other than that putting on muscle should fill in the gap and also massage, deep tissue massage will help with any scar tissue that is prohibiting the healing of that streched skin. Along with increasing your muscle size.

  5. Ok thanks, I appreciate it.

  6. i hear vitamin E also helps with preggo women who recently gave birth, might be something for him to look into?

  7. thanks guys, i'll do a little research on the ideas you all gave me and come to a conclusion.


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