Easy Mass Gain Shake

  1. Easy Mass Gain Shake

    Hey all, howzit?

    Just though I'd put in a contribution to this forum, and post my recipe for an easy high-calorie mass gain shake.

    1/2 C ground oatmeal
    1/4 C gound flax seed
    30-40 g vanilla protein powder
    cinnamon to taste

    According to the nutrition profiles, you would be getting:

    150 cals from the oatmeal:
    27 g carb(1g sugar)
    5g protein
    2.5g fat.

    245 cals from the flax: taken from http://www.heintzmanfarms.com/default.htm
    Calories 245
    Protein 10.6 g.
    Carbohydrates 12.4 g.
    Total fat 16.9 g
    Total dietary fiber 11.7 g.
    Sat. fat 1.9 g.
    Cholesterol. 0 g.
    Omega-3 9600 mg

    Check your protein powder's nutrition label for the calorie details, but should average out to 120-200 cals. For example 33 g of protein from Optimum 100% Whey would cover 180 cals.
    Fat 6 g
    Carbohydrates 8 g
    Protein 33 g

    So the total calories from just the mix would be about 500. Adding 16 oz milk would bring it to over 700, depending on the fat content. 1% would be just over the 700 cal mark. Eat a piece of fruit and bring the total to over 800.

    This will not only give you all the calories you need if taken once or twice daily but also gives you the benefits of fiber and flax.

    Taste is subjective, but with the cinnamon it tastes rather good to me. Kind of cinnamon oatmeal (didn't see that one coming ).
    Texture is gritty, but not intolerable. It will separate if shaken in a shaker cup though (I don't know about blending, as I pre-mix and then add liquid just prior to ingestion).

  2. Actually tried this out a minute ago.....you dont give it enough credit bro, taste isnt bad at all to me. Of course I chew liver tabs and the ephedrine has burnt off many of my taste buds

  3. Taste? I do almost exactly the same thing.

    I use choco flavored Opt Nut 100% Egg with skim milk though. As well as rum/vanilla extracts or cinammon/clove/nutmeg etc depending on my mood. Tastes ****ing good to me bro

  4. nice man i might give that a try.thanks

  5. Originally posted by YellowJacket
    you dont give it enough credit bro, taste isnt bad at all to me. Of course I chew liver tabs and the ephedrine has burnt off many of my taste buds
    Originally posted by Biggin
    Tastes ****ing good to me bro

    Yeah tastes good to me too. Guess I just forgot what board I was on while I was posting this. We all have burnt off a sh*tload of taste buds on this board, not like some of the pvssies on the "other board" where taste comes first!

  6. You can use the protein shake, whey protein powder, fish oil and many more supplement use for the Easy Mass Gain Shake.


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