internal cleansing

  1. internal cleansing

    specifically the ones that clean the sh*t out of you.....literally. anyone had luck with these? ive been told they help to flatten out your stomach a little. which one did you use?

  2. This one works:

    Colon Clenz (60 caps) By: Natural Balance

    you can get it from nurtaplanet,
    PHF Rep


  3. Ever try PGCL.

  4. Did a complete cycle of Alemis body detox.....A complete waste of $$200 but the colon cleanse products seem to work

  5. I picked up a full body clense, from VS last month on clearance for super cheap, am-pm dose and then a jump start pack for the first 2 days after. It didn't do quite what I expected but for the cost it was worth it.

  6. i think that stuff about **** sticking in you is bull****.

    But detoxing is good.

  7. I had great results from the colonics program by Dr. Natura

  8. I like the asian diet tea. The extra strength stuff.


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