I have a female friend who is 5'10 and weighed 130 in high school but is now a freshman in college and has put on "the freshman 15" almost exclusively from alcohol, pizza, easy mac, cookies/cakes, etc. Now she is done with the whole "freshman experience" phase and has calmed down on the partying (and weighs 150). She wants to get back to her high school physique, and basically lose about 15 pounds for summer.

She was a swimmer in high school, so she basically did tons of swimming for cardio and didn't have to worry about her diet because of a speedy young metabolism. But now to get in shape she turned to me and asked me to help her out in the gym and set up a diet for her, because I lost a ton of weight myself so i guess i set a good example. She vowed to follow my advice, accompany me to the gym every time i go, and cut out alcohol, pizza, and other junk foods.

To be honest, I dont know much about female dieting and if they have any specific needs that should be addressed when planning a diet. I don't want to suggest anything too strict, and she eats 2-3 meals a day in the dining commons so there isn't an extremely large selection for those.

I was thinking about sitting down with her and teaching the different between good carbs and bad carbs, to stay away from everything fried/battered/etc and get her to understand that she needs to start taking in more protein to repair the damage she's doing in the gym. I figure that if she's educated on this, she will be able to make her own decisions for the 2-3/day dining commons meals. I think a 6 meal a day plan would be good, so i would suggest a couple little containers of yogurt or some oatmeal or fruit as her other meals. She isn't concerned at all about building muscle, so as long as she's getting decent amounts of chicken/tuna/fish/lean-beef/etc in her 3 main meals, i figure the other 3 could lack a bit in protein as long as they are kept small and healthy to keep her metabolism revved up.

She said she's willing to go to the gym with me 5x a week, so i figure i could just get her doing a split program similar to my own, with cardio after lifting each day. I would go for 12 reps 3 sets for most exercises, but work in lots of supersets and dropsets, as i feel that these help when dieting down.

She's been asking if she can take any supplements so I figure... if she goes to the gym with me consistently for a few weeks and actually shows dedication and can get some results, I might get her some 10mg ephedrine and stack with caffeine for a little bit of a boost. That small dose shouldn't be harmful with everything else in check.

Does any of this sound good to you folks? Or am I approaching this the wrong way? I don't want to suggest something to her that would be detrimental or harmful, so I wanted to post on here first and run it by some people with experience.

I would appreciate any help/info/tips that you can provide. Thanks!