Wisdom teeth coming out tomorrow

  1. Wisdom teeth coming out tomorrow

    I am getting all 4 w isdom teeth extracted tomorrow around 1:45. I can't eat 5 hours before hand and I'll be drinking mostly liquid for at least a day afterward.

    Do you bros have any suggestions on recovery?

    My plan is that I'll,take it easy for 4 or 5 days. I'm just going to sit around and watch a bunch of movies for the first few days.

    This will be perfect to drink protein shakes. What other types of food do you recommend? I have some fat free yogurt and I'll try to get some cottage cheese.

    What about carbs? Seeing as I'm going to be inactive I'm guessing I should go easy on the carbs etc..



  2. Do not suck. I mean this. You will end up sucking your blood packs out and you will go thru hell for a week or two. No straws, no cigs(or whatever you smoke). Just get some percodan and enjoy.

    What are they using to knock you out with? They used fentayl(sp?) on me. I thought I just blinked and next thing you know they were done 45 minutes later.

  3. yea, so no bj's either.

    Don't even worry about what you're going to do the first few days... you're going to be in more pain than you think... I'm not gonna lie, it's brutal and agonzing... just keep up with rinsing like the Dr. tells you so it heals as fast as possible... I had one pulled and slacked on the care instructions and it took almost 2 weeks to heal. You probably shouldnt train for at least one week because you will open up the gums from the stress and tension.

  4. Yeah I know about the no sucking...like no straws etc.. This doc is good. My bro got his  out on a friday and by monday he was back at school and was off his painkillers. His only complaint was when his PE teacher made him do pushups in class. He said his gums were throbbing and it felt like they would start bleeding if he overdid it.

    I guess that rules out decline dumbell presses for awhile.

    They're using nitrous oxide to put me out and then after there's two types of painkillers that I have to alternate using.

    I guess I'll go by how I feel. I probably will get restless and want to do cardio before I'm ready to go back to the weights.

  5. Originally posted by Bouncer79
    yea, so no bj's either.

    I had my 4 wisdom teeth taken out about 4 yrs ago and it was an experience I will NOT forget, total hell for four days

    On the bright side, wait, there is no bright side!!!

    Good luck bro


  6. I had to go to this Interface place to surgically remove my four wisdow beneith my skin. They knocked me out with drugs and when I woke up my life was hell, blood gushing out, pucking all over the place cause of the drugs. For one month my mouth was f#cked. Having to stuff gauze in my mouth to try to stop the continuous bleeding, which didn't do crap.

    I'm just glad it's overwith. Best of luck with your wisdom teeth removal.

  7. uh, my 4 were impacted and I had no problem, bled alot but was eating solid **** the second day after, never had any swelling, never had to use the prescrip pain meds, etc. drank a lot of blood flavored strawberry muscle milk those first and second days, but after that it was all good. have fun

  8. I'll get my girlfriend to fetch and mix up my shakes for me. I rented a bunch of DVDs. I have a notion in my head that I'll try to act classy and not wimp out after it's done, but I don't know if that will be the case.

    I have to go 5 hours without food or drink...including water. The last drink I took was at 8:45 this morning and now it's 10:30 and I'm totally thirsty already.

  9. try not to say anything stupid when you first come to, a lot of people do it b/c they are still kinda messed up.

  10. My bro did that and they all laughed at him. I promised myself I would try to keep my mouth shut. Supposedly when I woke up I had a huge grin on my face, but I didn't say anything. I did feel like a million bucks when I woke up. I haven't gotten any swelling and I've only had minor pain. It was way less of an ordeal than I thought it would be. All my teeth were through the gums and I just have stitches on my bottom ones.

    Just a tip for anyone who's getting them out. Don't buy yogurt with fruit chunks in it because it will most likely contain seeds. I don't think I've gotten any stuck in my sockets but I'd imagine if a few seeds got in there it would be a bitch to get them out.

  11. turns out my girlfriend is having hers out soon...they erupted the other day...and they are impacted as hell!

  12. Be a good boyfriend and look after her. My girlfriend looked after me when  I got back from the dentist.

    I've been having carnation instant breakfast packets with a scoop of protein powder. That's what I'd recommend for meals. Now I have moved on to scrambled eggs and oat bran.


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