Albuterol for Women

  1. Albuterol for Women

    I have been browsing the posts about Albuterol and women and talking to some friends of mine who are familiar with the stuff and decided to give it a try. My problem is I feel like I am not seeing any results as of yet and wanted to get some opinions.

    I have been doing 4mg 3x daily and just finished my first week. I decided to up the dosage a little bit to 6mg 3x daily for my second week because I felt like I was adjusting to it and had read you can up the dosage each week if you want to. So, I have gone through 10 days using Albuterol and have not noticed a difference in either my weight or body fat percentage, nor do I feel any different. Is it too soon to see results?

    I am 5'4" about 140 and about 25% bf. I used to be hardcore in shape but 4 years of college and now a year of grad school has taken me back a bit. I have a thicker build naturally, with no desire to be stick-thin but I carry all my extra weight in my hips and thighs and a little in my stomach. I eat healthy in general (occasionally I'll have a couple of drinks or have a day where I don't eat the greatest), and work out regularly but have always had a hard time losing weight no matter what I seem to do which is why I decided to use Albuterol. I feel frustrated and wonder if maybe I'm not doing something right?

    Anything you all can tell me would be greatly appreciated!

  2. You won't notice results unless your diet / training are in proper form. Track your calories / nutrient timing and calories expended during the day. If you are in a calorie deficit, albuterol should help speed the fatloss or help to give you an edge if fatloss has stalled. It's more known for helping improve cardio endurance however. I have not seen dramatic effects from albuterol.

  3. I'm not new to working out and eating right, and I do keep a log so I'd say my diet and training are on track. I'm thinking maybe it does not work like Clenbuterol with less sides like I've been told and have read, which my friend used and lost a lot of weight in 1 cycle. Or maybe it doesn't work as well in women? Who knows. I guess I'll finish what I bought anyway since I already spent the money and see what happens. Thanks for your response.

  4. Yeah for some people albuterol does not work extremely well, but in the least it will definately give you a boost where it comes to cardio / endurance.

    I've tried both, and personally I don't think albuterol comes close to clen. I've seen some logs of the two as well, people comparing them with the same outcome as I.

  5. Would you suggest trying Clen next time around? Or do you think if I don't have great results with Albuterol that it's probably a waste. Thanks for your replies.

  6. I personally didn't have great results with albuterol, but clen definately does it's job As anything though, do lots of research before jumping into it. I don't want to suggest it since it's so harsh You will have to make the decision. If you do it, I would start low, around 20mcg, and not go higher than 80mcg depending on how well you handle it. Support supps like Poseidon + Taurine are necessary imo, to prevent some of the bad sides and massive cramping.

    Personally, I think Leviathan + DCP (maybe even with sesamin) will yield greater results than albuterol does. jmo though.

  7. Thanks for your help, much appreciated! I think I might look into the leviathin/DCP. I've heard quite a bit about it.


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