What kind of diet?

  1. What kind of diet?

    Alright, I've been browsing the forums for sometime now. I've came to realize there is a lot of diets. I've seen things from U.D. 2.0 Diets, Keto, Transition 10/10, etc.. Is there any other ones someone can suggest?

    I have a PDF of "The Anabolic Diet" by Dr. Mauro Di Pasquale. This is the only adequate information I have on dieting. I just also have the HUGE 800 page book "The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding : The Bible of Bodybuilding, Fully Updated and Revised" By Arnold S..

    The Anabolic diet looks promising, I just don't see how to load with so much fat daily. 55% FATS 40% Protein and 30grams of carbs daily? Then on the weekends I carb load. Makes, it seems as if I am prepping the body for a strenuous week.

    Where does cardio fall into play? Should I eat my 30 carbs before I workout or after?

  2. Well it really depends on your goals, but from the diets you mentioned I'm assuming you want to loose some fat?

    A good amount of people on here really like the anabolic diet. I have yet to read up on the finer points of it and requirements for workouts and during the week but it basically sounds like a CKD/TKD (if those carbs are taken around your workout.)

    If your looking to shred some pounds the anabolic diet or a CKD/TKD would be fine for you. It's not about finding the one diet that works perfectly for you because there simply isn't one. You have to try them out and see how your body takes to each one and incorporate principles from them into your own.

    Most diets have outlines for workouts and cardio as well.

  3. To keep it simple a diet you can stick too.

  4. Alright, thanks guys, now on those finer points...what exactly?

  5. Well I haven't read up on it yet because I;m more of a fan of a true CKD diet, but I assume it has specifications for what to do during the weeks with lifting, eating, and pre-carb up instructions. Is anyone of this in the PDF?



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