need to lose weight for meps

  1. need to lose weight for meps

    im planning on joining the air force this month but i need to drop numbers. i can beat the tape but not the weight.

    i have a weigh in on friday, wondering if only eating 100 cal sugar free oatmeal throughout the day would help drop the weight. i plan on eating 1000 cals a day. i work out everyday also, with an avg burn of 500 cals in the gym and 1700cals resting.

    i dont drink soda or anything like that, just water. will this be effective for short term loss? i just need a good number for the weigh in, then its back to healthy ways

  2. How much weight do you have to loose and is this Friday the do or die weigh in? If its this Friday only I would say drop you carbs down to dep[lete your glycogen stores, really monitor your sodium intake to avoid water weight, and do a lot of cardio.

    I would never recommend that but if you need to loose 4-7 pounds by Friday thats how I would begin to approach it (and since you said you can get back on your healthy ways than it won't be the worst thing possible)

  3. dude, when i was dropping weight for meps, i ate grilled chicken salad. that's pretty much it. i know everyone's different, but for me, eating low to no carbs did the trick.

  4. thats what i was thinking. maybe just salad with grilled chicken then spritz dressing thats low cal

  5. You could try shedding water weight like boxers and MMA guys do
    to cheat the weigh ins pre fight. water pills, etc. This can be dangerous so read up first.

  6. All you have to do is this, and you'll lose the weight. what day do you have weigh in on? If its a Saturday here you go. Monday eat high protein, moderate carbs, only water to drink. tuesday same as monday. wednesday low carb, drink a gallon of water before you go to bed. then thursday, low soduim, 2 cups of water, protein only. friday same as thursday only a cup of water. then friday night check ur weight, if your over. Then get the bath water as hot as possible. then get in the bath tub for like 15 mintues then 15 minutes out. repeat intill you make weight. dont let the water get cold cause your body will adsorb it. also have someone watch you in the tub you could pass out, and drown. hope that helps

  7. when I dropped weight for meps, I did what my wrestling buddy recommended and wore heavy clothing a week in advance, did tons of cardio (3 hrs a day) with sweats and multiple layers, dropped all carbs for the week ate lots of protein, and tapered my water down from 1 gallon on m+tues, 1/2 on wed, none thursday, weigh on friday. All this along with sauna time and putting icyhot on my gut and wrapping it in saran wrap to make me sweat more overnight. I lost 14 pounds of water and glycogen in the week before my weigh in.
    Was it exactly healthy?? No... But did I feel good not having to be taped?? Hell yeah.


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