Maintaining Weight

  1. Maintaining Weight

    alright so ive recently taken up mixed martial arts as a hobby which im loving but now i have an issue. im trying to maintain my body weight at 170lbs for a tournament coming up. i walk around at about 173 to 178. ive never really trained to stay at the same weight so i need to know if i should stop taking my creatine and lower my protien intake?

    also if anyone has any form of reps or workouts to maintain a certain weight thatd be helpful to but i do realize im in the nutrition forum. ive just never trained to stay where im at physically.

  2. Well it depends on a couple of things. first off when is the tournament? Also is the 170 the bottom or top of the weight class (I'm assuming top since you want to be at en170.) Its pretty basic as far as maintenance calories. Find out your basic maintenance calories and stick to that or add 100-200 calories above that to hlep with strength gains (and you're weight will remain the same.)

    I am by no means an expert when comming to pre-fight training and maintaincing but it I would think if you focus on a strict diet just above or at maintenance cals while training for strength you'll stay where your at. Then when the fight comes around just drop the 5-7 pounds with some cardio and water loss.

    I'm sure Rodja will be up in here soon. He'll know exactly what to say about this.

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