summer cut. please critique

  1. summer cut. please critique

    Hey ive been doing the same ol stuff all the time. i just moved out to SLO, CA but now im going to move to again. so I have 3 months of just school/work/working out.

    Meal Plan.

    Breakfast Option 1- 25g whey/8oz water/1/2cup rolled oats
    Option 2- 2eggs/2egg whites. 1/2 cup oats

    Snack - 25g whey/1 hardboiled egg

    Lunch - 37.5g Protein from can of tuna. relish. mustard. can of green beans. 1 cup broccoli

    Snack - 25g whey / 1tbsp natural peanut butter/1 hardboiled egg

    Dinner option 1-can of tuna. pepperchinis. mustard. can of green beans,1 cup broccoli
    option 2- lean ground beef hamburger. grill bell pepper. sliced jalapenos,1 cup broccoli

    Snack - 25g whey/ bcaa

    Fish Oil
    Sesamin Oil
    and when it comes out Recreate

    Workout Plan
    20min empty stomach cardio w/bcaa everyday

    Mon- Chest/ 30min cardio after
    Tue- 45min cardio
    Wed- Bi/Tri/ 30min cardio
    Thu- 45min cardio
    Fri- Legs/ 30min cardio
    Sat- Back/Shoulders/30min cardio
    Sunday - Mild Mountain Hike

    I need to drop like 15lbs im guessing. Does this look like a good proposal to stick with?
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  2. What is that like 1300 cals? You need more cals from *somewhere*, **** if I tried that I'd wake up so hungry that I felt sick by the second day! At the very least throw in a ****load of broccoli, I don't see veggies in your game plan there at all.

    *edit* I say the bad word for poop a lot.

  3. increase cals a LOT. You wanna be around 250 below maintence to safely cut without losing muscle dude. You need a good amount of carbs too.

  4. im not to worried about losing muscle mass for the sake of fat as well. i guess i could add in more veggies. i am 5'8 165lbs. should i throw in some ground beef for 1 meal ?

  5. Respect the Brocc, it makes you feel full, it's loaded with nutrients that you need and may not be getting enough of on a cut among them Calcium and Vitamin C, which has some anti cortisol properties, woo hoo. Some would argue that it has so much fiber that it is a "zero calorie" food; it may not quite be zero calories but it's damned close, so load up.

    Either up your carbs or up your fat, I'd recommend a carb cycling or a CKD regimen (Palumbo's comes to mind) as this will keep you from going crazy and your thyroid from tanking. I know you're just worried about losing maximum fat, I've been there myself, but if you lower your cals by that much for too long your metabolism will just take a **** and you'll be both miserable and at a stand still for progress. Hardly what you're going for.

    If you have your diet reasonably in check and feel you want more fat loss just up the cardio, but crash dieting like that for a prolonged period is just a recipe for disaster IMO!

  6. so maybe like saturday or sunday i should carb load with like whole wheat pasta and oats? its hard for me to find time. when i have snack. literally it has to be very fast cuz i either have work or school and im rushing 24/7 i have time for breakfast.lunch. and dinner. what else should i add? like an ounce of evoo? red potatoe?


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