Cheat to Lose Diet

  1. Cheat to Lose Diet

    has anybody read up on this diet? it's by Joel Marion

    seems very innovating, backed up by a lot of scientific research as well here is an interview over at t-nation

    TESTOSTERONE NATION - The Cheat to Lose Diet

    I bought the book yesterday, read through it, i must say i'm quite impressed by Marion's diet parameters, may have to give this a run at the end of the summer to lose some budge from my clean bulk im planning

  2. it has potential. i'd like to look at the book, gonna check for it next time i'm in a book store

  3. easy,
    u can actually get it as an e-book online, alittle bit cheaper

    i think this diet deff. has potential because of its simplicity:
    1. carb cycling approach easy to follow
    2. no calorie counting, just reasonable portion sizing (similar to that of waterbury's 10/10 transformation
    3. all out cheat day, with very few guidlines

    quite frankly if u've ever ran the velocity diet, or any ketosis/modified ketosis diet, the cheat to lose diet should be a piece of cake (literlly)

  4. I actually bought this and did it for like 2 months in later summer early fall.. It worked relatively well -- it's pretty easy and I lost about 10 lbs of fat and kept nearly all my muscle..

  5. To me it sounds just like Avant Labs (Twin Peak) Carb Cycling diet with a cheat day added in.

  6. I think "cheat" days are great for when progress slows or stalls on a cutting diet. Nothing like having pizza and burgers all day and then going back on the diet and start losing fat again!


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