My it?

  1. My it?

    If one were to click on my profile...they could see Today's Diet. Ive never really designed a diet mostly, I was usually winging it.

    This would be my first attempt, the cottage cheese serving is cut in half because the diet tracker does not let me use decimals.

    It is similar to yesterdays diet subtract the peanut butter & banana, and Tuna in addition.

    Carbs/Protein I keep equal until the 4th meal, they are dropped, and then protein/fats take over. till bed time.

    Going to go lift, let me know how it looks guys.

  2. ohh, yeah....Im cutting...cardio is done to the 500 calorie mark + my calorie deficit, and a 5x5 strength training program.

  3. Im sure other opinions will be more valid than mine, but that seems like the saturated fat content is too high..especially in a cut phase.
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  4. alright, well thats fine, like I said, im trying this for my first time. Just trying to keep a steady carb-protein intake. also im going about a 40/40/20 but its a little bit lower. Im also spending about 90-120mins in the gym lifting then another 45 on cardio daily,

  5. Again, I would consult other opinions, but that seems like too long lifting to me also. I'm certainly no PT, but i've always been told to try and keep my routines to an hour minus cardio
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  6. Well, Im not saying you dont, but I take my rest periods, also throw in a GOOD ab routine I think. My dad does a 4 hour everynight.

  7. four hours in the gym?! yeah that's way tooo long, if your in the gym that long, the intensity is lacking

    CTDeuce is right, in that you should be in the gym for no more than an hour, not because that's a general rule, but because when u factor in intensity, the average gym rat would end up overtraining.

    A lot of it depends on your work capacity and your training age, but deff. keep the weight training around an hour more or less


  8. Thats more or less what i was trying to say...he just wordred it better than I did, haha
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  9. I agree that 4 hours is waaaay to long to be in the gym. I felt like my intensity was lacking and started 90 second interval training. Do that and I promise you won't be in the gym for over an hr and you'll leave feeling like you did more.

  10. You need to get in and out because you dont want that nasty cortisol to degrade your muscles before the insulin ( from your PWO meal ) can counteract the effects.

    4 hours may mean that your moving backwards not forward if the cortisol is degrading the muscle at a faster rate than you can build it

    For some ppl however it is the social hour ( or 4 hours ), to each his own but for my purposes I want to get bigger/cut

  11. Increase saturated fat and cholesterol if you want higher testosterone levels.

    4 hours in the gym = cortisol city.

    Limit it to 1 hour if you're cutting, 45 min weights, 15 cardio.

  12. I think everyone has slightly lost track, even though all this advice is good.

    His father is the one that spends 4 hours in the gym. He spends 2.
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  13. Yeah pops looks good for his age, however, I can see where that cortisol can be affecting me...goood thing I did legs today, about 60 minutes then 10 minutes of cardio, ill try to speed it up. I just sometimes go during rush hour, boy that bullSh!t! cuz I got a POP BELLY like no other, in the mornings we're flat though. anything else from the basics I seem to forget sometimes?

  14. well if you're shooting to lose fat then i've always had great results with circuit training and supersets done on alternating days. I also never rest any longer than 30 seconds between sets. I hope some of this helps!
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  15. i dont know when youre doing your cardio but always do it after an hour lifting. after that hour your glycogen(carbs from food) is gone so when you do your cardio your using stored carbs which will burn fat 300% faster than it would with out using up your glycogen.

  16. Unless you're on the AD diet, then you have no glycogen to begin with, so I guess I'm constantly burning fat 300% faster.

  17. alright today is CHEST/bicep...lets get at this with intensity, lets start off my 20th bday with a GOOD PUMP.

  18. Happy Birthday kiddo. Cheers!
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  19. alright, I remember these kind of pumps now. I left the gym, felt swole...ran into my neighbor, her jaw dropped, well for instance though, I did chest and biceps as fast as possible. chest included close grip supersets with flys then hopped into biceps.

    I dont really know when I should use the bar versus DB's? I've always lifted more with DB's but maybe something stable would be nice.

    Cardio is ALWAYS done after working out, Im not that much of a beginner. sheesh...t

    thanks for the bday, tooo bad my gf had her rag,

  20. I agree with PWO cardio if it's HIIT. Otherwise I think the situation CAN become too catabolic. BUT you say you train 5x5. low rep, power-lifting style training is not necessarily very the added cardio is your way of compensating? I would train with volume when cutting (not just because someone said "high reps gets you cut man!") but becuase depending on the diet, and time of day training and cardio helps to sqeeze that glycogen out, pump up the muscle with blood etc.

    I am eating relatively low carbs (only breakfast/pre/post) with high fats and 1.5g protein per lb bodyweight. it is working well for me. 40/40/20 is where I started, but after a week or so, I just felt it wasn't going to get ME any further. This isnt to say you couldnt cut successfully on it.....but I think I respond better to a low carb environment.


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