cutting diet

  1. cutting diet

    age- 25
    height- 6' 1
    weight- 217lbs
    bodyfat- 16-18%

    4 day split weight training
    ss cardio 4x per week
    HIIT 2x per week

    To get down to around 10% body fat with minimal muscle loss

    Additional info-
    I've previously done a cleanish bulk wiv a 300/400/100 macro split which is around 4200 cals.
    My main areas that i hold fat is around my love handles and lower abs, my top abs are still visable .
    I plan to start taking carbs out of my diet slowly unitl i end up wiv a diet like the one below and introduce
    ss cardio and HIIT into my routine. I will then take it from there and maybe look into carb cycling and other
    methods further down the line if fatloss comes to a hault. My cals might seem to be high at first glance
    but i am a builder and VERY active , i cut last time around 2800 cals with a 300/150/87 split but felt awful
    and lost muscle too .

    Diet- P/C/F/CALS

    6:30- wake

    6:35 glass of water and 5gs of bcaa's

    6:40- 35-45 mins of ss cardio staying between 115-125 bpm

    7:30- oats so simple with semi skimmed milk
    50g of whey 49/32/5/409

    10:00- 130gs of tuna with lemon juice and pepper
    tomatoes, onions, peppers
    2 oat cakes 36/12/4/245

    1:00- 150g of chicken
    1 wholemeal pitta bread
    tomatoes, onions, peppers etc 52/27/6/390

    3:00- 50g of cashew nuts 10/15/21/277

    5:30- 2 weetabix
    50g of whey 40/50/2/408

    6:30- TRAIN or HIIT (depending what day) drinking water

    8:00- PWO 40g whey
    40g dextrose 32/40/0/303

    9:30- PPWO 160g mackeral or 130-150g of lean beef
    125g cooked wholegrain rice
    mixed fiberous veg 35/40/48/740

    11:00- 40g of bedtime extreme shake 28/0/0/134

    Total protein= 282
    Total carbs= 216
    Total fats = 86
    Total cals = 2900 (excluding veg)

  2. I reccomend ECA first off. Second cardio on an emtpy stomach i hate and 5 grams of bcaas is nothing. You dont need to drop calories that much maybe by 250-500 or else u risk losing muscle. You rather be bigger and muscular, then really skinny and ripped. I would look into carb cycling. Remember every week to possibly refeed and eat maintence ora little over to restore glycogen and maintain metabolism. Dont cut too fast

    comebine broccoli (anything green) and good fats with a carb containing meal. I would only have carbs upon wakening (before cardio) and a few before weight training and a good amount after. If your getting 250 a day I would do... 75 morning, 50 before training, 100 after. google "the cut diet", its a great read

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