ripped and cut

  1. ripped and cut

    started my CKD diet today and im really excited. ive put alot of hard work into getting stronger all year and have put on some good muscle too. im not worried about size as long as im strong. currently im 6'2 240 and over the next two months would like to get down in the 215lb range. only concern i have is losing strength, but the way ive set up my training and diet i think i can keep making strength gains. my max effort days are on mon and tues, so those will be my carb up days including pslin. also to hopefully keep my strength ive added a morning steak on training days.:clean:

  2. I have my morning steak every morning, it's just too tasty!

    You can still make strength gains, just keep the sessions short and sweet especially since you are on CKD.

  3. I think i've kept almost all of my size while seeing a noticable drop in b/f%

    I was even making gains while eating 3500-3700kcals a day and <25g of CHO

    I was however stronger when I was intaking CHOs and gains came faster

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