Unable To Do Cardio

  1. Unable To Do Cardio

    Hey everyone just seeking some advice / help.
    due to un-fortunate sporting injuries i'm now required to spend about 2 months off my feet in terms of cardio with ankle injuries. i can walk around with a brace on but this means that i am unable to go for morning runs, or any form of decent cardio for that matter, so i was wondering if there is any exercises (other than swimming) i can do that will help me burn some excess off that doesn't require pressure being put down on my feet.
    Also, my appetite has dramatically dropped since being unable to get around as easily so i am eating alot less, which is making me lose weight but i'm pretty sure its all muscle loss.
    Current diet is Oats at around 7:30am, then lately throughout the day i'm finding it difficult to eat so its usually a chicken dish with vegies etc... or something small from the cafe next door. Dinner is something from the restaurant next door to my second job.
    Can anyone help me out with exercises and/or diet helpwhile i'm not moving much and finding it hard to eat?
    My diet is usually excellent just lately can't eat!!

  2. I have a speedbag at home for when I am just not feeling like lower body cardio. You can pick up a speedbag rack for under 100$ and it is a great investment. It improves coordination and can get your heart going pretty decently.

    You could also get a pull-up bar installed in a doorway. Try to use as many muscles as possible without impacting your ankle.

    Leg Lifts, Situps (if you can), 1 legged push-ups with a clap. Bicycle crunches utilize a lot of muscles and have zero pressure or impact on the ankle.

    Just some ideas out there for you, but you are ultimately the one that will make the difference between unable to do cardio, and unwilling to do cardio. You can give someone all the tools in the world, but ultimately it's up to them to really WANT to make themselves better.

  3. thanks for replying. i still do weights and a full body routine i just skip the leg days currently and exercises like deadlifts etc... that require some ankle movement. Chest, shoulders and back still get seen to every 4 days its just that i have gone from running 2 - 3 times a day for sports has come to a dead halt and with my metabolism slowing due to diet i not only want to not put on fat, but keep losing it if i can.
    The speedball sounds like a great idea though, i'm pretty sure if i just use light pressure on my ankle i would be able to move around a bag as well.
    Boxing never even occured to me so thanks alot for the suggestion.

  4. It's a blast, and a great hobby once you learn how to do fist rolls, elbows and other fun stuff

    go to youtube and look up "speedbag skunk" if you need some motivation to learn.

  5. Iím not sure what to suggest but when I busted my quad tendons, part of the therapy was stationary biking, and I kept it up ever since. You can adjust the tension and height as you heal. If youíre in physical therapy maybe he can suggest something.


  6. not in physical therapy yet. its an old ankle problem that keeps coming on and off but a physio is on my to do list.
    I think that stationary bike would put rotation on my ankle which is currently painfull to do but in about 2 weeks i guess i should be able to give it a shot.
    I know there's not muh possible to suggest but thanks for your help.
    i was all out of ideas.
    Looks like boxing for a few months and then after a week or two start to throw in some stationary bike

  7. When I started there was some pain, (nothing compared to the bending exercises) but the point is you can start at nothing and work your way up as you see fit. also, there are different types of bikes, it may make a difference.

    Good Luck,

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Ninsha View Post
    It's a blast, and a great hobby once you learn how to do fist rolls, elbows and other fun stuff

    go to youtube and look up "speedbag skunk" if you need some motivation to learn.

    That guy has some sick skills on the speedbag.


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