Help .. Lost weight.. Got fatter

  1. Help .. Lost weight.. Got fatter

    Ive lost .8 lb since last week. Eating great 8 meals a day Tuna/Oats carb cycled. 40-50 min cardio, 2 days a week HIIT. Was 11.6 %bf last week and now im 12.6% ... WTF how did i lose that much muscle.???? More cuts, strength went up, more vascular.. how am i fatter?

  2. Measured with caliper for bf? Could be inaccurate bf measurement. Use a mirror and measure yourself chest/stomach/arms/legs/shoulders to asses progress.

  3. If it was electrical impedence, your hydration may have been different or you could have been holding the machine differently. When I hold it with my arms straightened, it gives me a reading of 9.6%, but when I have my arms bent and have the machine at about ab level, it gives me a reading of 7.4%.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  4. i measured electrically.. anyone have a good site on how to measure with a caliper?

  5. As for measuring with calipers: Google it.

    When it comes to losing .8 lbs over a week, note that your body weight fluctuates greatly during the day due to water retention. (mine fluctuates about 5 lbs between morning and evening)

    I notice that even with calipers, my bodyfat measurements fluctuate with the water weight about 1%.

    As long as you are doing everything right, counting EVERY calorie, and not cheating (or at least, taking any cheats into account), don't worry too much about it. Pay attention to your diet. A little cheating can blow away hours of cardio.



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