Enough is Enough! C0rk's Weight Loss Log

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  1. Enough is Enough! C0rk's Weight Loss Log

    Enough researching ideal fat-burning stacks, diet planning, optimal cardio/lifting exercises. Less talk, more walk. Day 1 of C0rk's 28-day weight-loss regimen begins today.

    Current weight: 170, Target Weight: 160 (3/15), 17+% BF

    Supplements: Leviathan, DCP, Paravol, Sesamin, Fish oilage, Multi-vitamin, Glutamine (workout days), Psyillium husks

    Sample daily meal plan (South beach-esque, high protein, med fat, low GI carbs):
    - flaxseed or banana/flaxseed muffin
    - 1 cup of shelled peanuts
    - tomato/cucumber/chick pea and goat cheese salad with balsamic vinegar and EVOO
    - whey protein shake w/skim milk and blueberries (workout days)
    - meat/veggies dinner
    - 1-1 1/2 cup yogurt

    - 3x week, morning cardio P90x Kenpo routine or elliptical
    - 2x week, upper body circuit training
    - 1x week, lower body circuit training

    Critique away!

  2. Some other info:

    - I'm not going to count calories. I think decent-sized meals, 5-6 times a day, with no simple carbs is fine. As long as I'm making gains in lifts (I haven't lifted in a month) or AT LEAST maintaining them, I won't be worried.
    - I'm not measuring body-fat @ this point. For someone of my body composition (~25% fat), weight should be an okay indicator.
    - I'm egoless when it comes to criticism so feel free to give it.
    - I've attached some photos. I know how you guys love leg shots so I put them in too, lol.
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  3. Okay, so I didn't post a log yesterday, but I ate healthily and did 40 mins of P90x cardio that kicked my ass...couldn't even finish the hour, haha, but it felt good.

    Today I was a bit sore, but went to the gym and did my circuit training. I only made it through 2 circuits before I was tanked...I think I tried doing the same amount I did a month ago, so my loss of strength really hurt me. Still ate healthily.

    I thought I originally weighed 170 on Sunday, but yesterday I came out @ 168 and this morning it was 167. Perhaps I was heavy then (or lost alot of water in the passed few days) but it should make it easier to achieve my goal, heh.

    My supplements still haven't arrived yet, but that's still no excuse for not starting...something I would have done before.

  4. First of all, is anyone actually reading this?

    Well, my supplements came in, so that makes me happy, both for their actual effects and placebo ones. Going to start @ the following doses:

    - 2 doses Leviathan
    - 3 doses DCP
    - 2 doses Paravol
    - 3x 2g Fish Oil
    - 3x 2g CLA
    - 3x 2.50 mL doses, Sesamin

    Any thoughts on the dosing/timing of these? I plan on spacing them all evenly over the day.

    Was in a rush this morning, so I ate @ Dunkin Donuts. A little cream in the coffee, a multi-grain bagel with egg omelet. Not too horrible, but I could definitely feel the effects of the insulin spike. I was starving 3 hours later, due to the crash, so I'll make sure not to do this too often. I kept it to 4 meals today.

    Again, because I was rushed, I forgot to weight myself when I woke up, but after breakfast I was 169, which is fine.

    Body is still sore from Kenpo 2 days ago and first lifting day yesterday, so taking a break tonight.
    Last edited by C0rk; 02-21-2008 at 07:31 PM. Reason: Modified doses per recommendations in another thread

  5. You got my attention, nice log so far.

  6. Did you mean 2 caps of DCP 3x daily? That's what's recommended, i've also heard 3 caps 3x daily for the first 8 days. Lev reloaded hasn't made me sweat a "storm" but i've burned some fat with weight training and a few days of cardio so it must be working.

  7. I was only going to do 1 DCP pill, 3x day to start (just like only 2 Leviathan) because I thought it would be smarter to ramp up. Do you think it'd be fine to startup with HIGHER than the recommended dose, in the beginning?

  8. Yes, I remember a more experienced member saying to start off 3 caps 3x daily but I wasn't interested in DCP at the time so I didn't pay much attention as to why, but it's got to do with loading. Thereafter, 2 caps, 3x day.

  9. Yeah take the DCP 2 caps 3x a day.

    Sesamin - drop dosage to one or two squirts of ~1ml should be okay, especially since you're also getting in a lot of fish oils and cla.

    DCP - take one serving 30mins before a workout, the other two servings 30min before a meal
    Leviathan - instructions should already be on the label: 1-2 in the morning, 1-2 pre-workout and ramp up your dosage
    Fish oils - take after meals
    Sesamin - take after fatties meals
    CLA - take before or after meals

  10. So, a good schedule would be:

    DCP, Leviathan (30 min pre-meal)
    Meal #1 (Flaxseed Muffin), Paravol, Fish Oil, Sesamin, CLA
    Meal #2 (Peanuts)
    DCP (30 min pre-meal)
    Meal #3 (Heavy salad w/beans or tuna), Paravol, Fish Oil, CLA
    DCP, Leviathan (30 min pre-meal)
    Meal #4 (Shake)
    Meal #5 (Meat/Veggie), Fish oil, Sesamin, CLA
    Meal #6 (Yogurt)

  11. Move the fish oil/cla/sesamin from meal 5 to meal 6.

  12. Weighed in this morning @ 167.

    So, my sleep cycle has been all effed up (6am to 1 pm???) so I've really felt like crap lately. Diet has been okay. Lifting has been okay.

    I'm going out tonight for my friend's 30th birthday, so I'm bound to add a decent amount of alcohol calories. Any suggestions for a night out with friends? I figure I'll cut out the bread @ dinner, drink only hard-liquor w/no mixers (martini's 4tw), and drink plenty of water when I get home.

    Also, I don't know how y'all bear to take supplements multiple times a day every day. I just took 1 dose of Sesamin, 1 cap paravol and leviathan, 2 caps each of CLA, Fish Oil, DCP...that's 4 gulps of supps right there. Plus, whenever I burp I get that gelcap taste in my mouth. Ugh, lol.

  13. Quote Originally Posted by asianbabe View Post
    Move the fish oil/cla/sesamin from meal 5 to meal 6.
    Will do.

  14. Just wanted to throw in that I completed the whole P90x workout today, @ around 170-180 heart rate the whole time and the dress pants I just put on feel a little more comfortable than usual

  15. Last night's damage: Probably 2k cals worth of tapas, coupled with 2 martinis and 2 beers and a cigar. Took a multi-vitamin and drank 1 liter of water before bed. Woke up feeling okay. Now that this weekend is over, I have 3 weekends before my next 'party weekend' so I should be clear until then.

    Did my first leg day in over 2 months. Man, did it suck, haha.

    I guess I'll use this time to layout my lifting routines. At the end of each session, I do 3x12 decline situps. Critiques are welcome:

    Upper body circuit: 2x week
    Dumbbell press (up), Flies (down) superset
    Dumbbell bent-over rows
    Dumbbell military press
    Dumbbell incline curls

    Lower body circuit (2 small circuits): 1x week
    Circuit one:

    Circuit two:
    Leg Press
    Calf raises
    Supine Leg Curls (w/Ball)

  16. Weighed in @ 167 this morning. Not too bad, considering my weekend, but I'm worried that a decent amount of it is water weight lost, considering I woke up pretty dehydrated, even after drinking a ton of water yesterday. I have a fitness center @ work that I believe does BF% testing, so I'm going to look into getting that done ASAP.

    My lower back and legs are as sore as hell, from leg day, so I may have to take it easy today. Diet still looking pretty good.

    One thing I have noticed is that I don't feel the "heat" from Leviathan that I used to when on an ECA stack. I think I might go back to the ECA if this continues. Anyone have their own comparisons to share? I might take this to the supplement forum...

  17. So I re-read:

    "so I may have to take it easy today"

    and thought to myself, "stop being a *****", and did my cardio today like a good boy. I also ate very well.

    One great thing that helps me eat properly, is to use my crock pot. I make like 6-8 meals in it, using all health ingredients, freeze half of it, and eat the other half for the week. I also make flax seed muffins in a big batch, freeze some of 'em, and eat them for breakfast...then I can't use the excuse that I don't have time to make something in the morning.

  18. Is this log too boring? Should I post different stuff to garner more interest? Post less than every day?

    Did upper body circuit today and 20 mins of cardio after. Diet good, supplements good.

    Got my BF % testing, using 3-point skin-fold and the hand-grip impedance tester thing and found out my BF is only 17%. I thought I was closer to 25%. Doesn't 17% seem kind of low compared to those pictures above? Perhaps I lost 8% BF in 1 week, heh. The tester said that most of my weight is in my ab region, where he did one of the pinches, and that the pec pinch and thigh pinch both showed low % BF.

    Also, @ what % BF do you think I could get too before it would be hard to increase lean muscle? My goal is to first look good (which means losing the fat) but I'm an Endo, so my body yearns to eat and build up strength!

  19. Just wanted to say great log. I think we are in about the same boat. I'm using close to the same supplements as you so I am learning from what all these great members are telling you to do. If I find something that works well for me, I'll let you know.

  20. Quote Originally Posted by Manko Oyaji View Post
    Just wanted to say great log. I think we are in about the same boat. I'm using close to the same supplements as you so I am learning from what all these great members are telling you to do. If I find something that works well for me, I'll let you know.
    Cool, I have a couple of threads bouncing around on a bunch of the different forums, asking questions about stuff, so feel free to click on my username to see what else I've been posting.

  21. really log for yourself, not others. post up pictures, measurements, etc every 2-4 weeks. 6 months or a year from now, you'll enjoy looking back at it.

  22. I'm along for the ride

  23. Can someone be recomping (rather than cutting) accidentally? For example, since I haven't lifted consistently in a while, perhaps my body is remembering what my muscles used to look like, so it's building them back up @ the same time I am losing fat.

    I weighed in @ 168 this morning, after my best workout (including PWO cardio) the previous day. I should probably take day-to-day weight fluctuations with a grain of salt...but this has been a week of hovering @ the 167 mark, with a pretty clean diet and consistent workout routine-age.

    Maybe I should stick with looking in the mirror and getting my BF% checked every 4 weeks as an indicator, rather than the scale. IDK, I just found it to be a bit disheartening this morning.

  24. you can fluctuate 2-3 lbs in a day easily just in hydration and whats in intestines. use the mirror more than the scale

  25. Well I went out and ate a crap dinner to turn my frown upside down, haha. Oh well, back on the wagon tomorrow.

    I was sick today too, so I didn't do any cardio....guess it was good that I did double-duty yesterday...


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