Extra Steps to Prevent Catabolism

  1. Extra Steps to Prevent Catabolism

    Do you guys have any other steps that will prevent catabolism besides eat enough protein and eat frequently?

  2. BCAAs, high dose fish oil, sesamin, dcp or TTA/Salvia. yohimbine hcl on empty stomach

  3. BCAA's and Glutamine when you wake up, before and after you train, and before bed!

  4. are BCAA/Glutamine really that essential? wow i need to grab some.. im sitting at 11.6% bf :\ i lost .3 lb of lean mass since i started at 14.6%

  5. it gets moreso as you get leaner. at 15% your body doesn't fight so hard to hold fat as it does at 10%

  6. Ive asked this before but, what would you say in your opinion is a good cut. Ive heard anywhere between 70-95% of total weight being fat is great. right now 97% has been fat.

  7. I'd have to go with better than 80% being fat is pretty successful. Thats 4lbs of fat to 1lb of muscle. the same is true on bulking to me, if you can gain 4lbs of muscle and just gain 1lb of fat, thats some pretty lean gains

  8. but is that even possible? gain 4 lb lean mass with only 1lb fat? that would lower your bodyfat

  9. sure its possible. do a high calorie (500 over maintenance) anabolic diet / CKD with a fair bit of fish as protein, see what happens. Could probably gain that 4lbs of muscle with 1lb of fat in 6-8 weeks. Doesn't require anabolics like superdrol or epistane either.


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