4-week Fat Burn stack, Leviathin/DCP/Sesamin

  1. 4-week Fat Burn stack, Leviathin/DCP/Sesamin

    About to order Leviathan/DCP/Sesamin for a quick 30-day fat loss program. I'm about 20% BF, looking to cut down before I start a 6-week bulk, followed by 4-week cut to get ready for summer.

    Anyone doing something similar? Should I add/subtract anything?

  2. Talking

    I should add that I just got a free 30-day sample of Paravol that I'm taking as well for some libido help

  3. Looks very promising.

    Is this going to be your progress log?
    What is your diet/exercise program looking like?

  4. If I committed to a log then I'd have to actually follow through with it or risk ridicule. That's no fun!

    I'm going to go for 2-upper, 1-lower/wk circuit training for lifting. 3x/week fasted morning cardio.

    Dumbbell press/fly superset
    One-handed bent over row
    Dumbbell military press
    Bicep curls

    Calf raises
    Leg curls (w/ball)

    Diet is going to be South Beach-esque. Hi protein, moderate fat, and low carbs almost exclusively from low-GI sources. Maybe spike with hi-GI carb for post-workout meal.

    How important would a fish-oil supplement be? Better than the sesamin?

  5. I'm on the same stack -Paravol. The Leviathan and DCP together feel great, and the thermo feeling is good, but not overwhelming. The Sesamin takes some time to get used to the flavor, but after the first week I didn't even notice it anymore

    Results? You will see them, without a doubt.



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