1. Lipodrene

    has anyone taking the lipodrene with ephedra extract??? i was thinking of buying it and just wanted to see if anyone has any experience with it? thanks!

  2. Its a pretty solid seller at my store.......Have not personally used it but everyone who buys it likes it

  3. thanks homie. i might just give it a shot.

  4. I have been buying Lipodrene for years.. Great product IMO

  5. Quote Originally Posted by PumpDogg View Post
    I have been buying Lipodrene for years.. Great product IMO
    nice! how is the appetitie suppression? i need to kill my cravings for damn cookies! haha.

  6. It will kill your appetite for a few hours.. Its as good as any ephedrine product I have ever used.. and I have used many from many many years ago..

  7. i used it once, great product while i was on it. lost some good bf with it. Felt like I was having withdrawls almost when i stopped taking it though. Headaches, dizzy, lethargic all the time. lasted for like 2 weeks. its sucked. may just be me though.

  8. damn. sounds like a future buy come march. thanks for all the help homies!!!

  9. just finished lipordrene..same sides as above when finished...lethargic...and just plain ol sad cause it was, great, great of the best products ive ever tried...seriously
  10. Wink

    my best friend took that **** and it made him really lethargic after wards. :-x im trying out megadrine rfa-1 cuz its a thermo and eph combo... and u dont need things to curve your appetite. I took green tea with hoodia(app supp) and that **** doesnt do anything. Cutting calories doesnt help you burn calories. Check out your BMR and see how many calories u need to keep your metabolism at its best. As for lipodrene its just a cheap eph product.

    Check out the old thermogen 2 with eph
    Megadrine rfa-1 or any type of thermo+eph prods those are usually the sickest for shredding and maintaining muscle mass.


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