Fat Concentration

  1. Fat Concentration

    Hey guys, I've been training for around a year, but have never been to fond of cardio.

    Now I've incorporated it into my routine since it's the most effective way to lose fat (after diet of course).

    My problem is I am 17% BF but most of my fat seems to be concentrated in my gut, and the other part on my chest, I've been wearing a neoprene vest to my training and cardio sessions (I don't even know if they really work but I guess they can't do any harm).

    Is there anything I could use/do to get the fat of my torso, my extremities look kinda lean but my torso is flabby, my pecs are getting defined but all the fat is going to the lower region giving the impression of b-tits. My friend says, "do more crunches" but I don't think that will spot reduce the fat...

    Any help would be really appreciated. Thanks in advance

  2. So your waist in small in circumference (pressing into the muscle) but flabby on the outside, or is your gut a bit firm just large waisted?

    Sounds like you should give the old DCP/Leviathan/Napalm stack a go.
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  3. Thanks DSADE, helpful as always! really appreciate it.

    It's flabby. Actually my pelvic region is ok but then there is a big bump where my belly starts. Actually the problem is my lower pecs (I'm afraid it can be gyno, not sure) and my lower abdomen, you can start to see some definition above my navel (not sure if that's the name) but bellow it is all the fat and very flabby. Don't know if I described it ok.

    The stack you talk about sounds great, and actually I posted a topic for napalm + form based on one of your comments about topical form.

    I have to be honest with you though I am kinda afraid of TTA. I've read stuff about it going to the heart, kidney and liver and I really don't know what to beleive (I'm no guru on this topic like you man) any clarification would be appreciatet (in layman terms please)

  4. bump on this

    Anyone else know how to fix this?

  5. anyone?

  6. man im in the same situation as you. i was actually just going to start my own thread for this when i looked at this one. i am having some muffin top issues and its really irritating. i just finished a bulking cycle that i gained 10lbs from and i want to cut without loosing my new muscle.

  7. I have heard some anecdotal support that non-dairy foods rich in calcium specifically help with getting rid of belly fat. You could get a cheap calcium citrate somewhere and focus on eating more calcium rich veggies and fruits. Just my two cents.


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