Cardio Exercise Videos?

  1. Cardio Exercise Videos?

    So, my car is broken and I haven't been able to get to the gym this week, which got me to thinking about how much easier doing cardio @ home would be, particularly in the winter time when I don't want to leave the house. After not being able to find any ellipticals/treadmills that would fit into my small apt, I stumbled upon the idea of exercise videos!

    Anyone have any recommendations on ones that work? I'm not against following them @ twice the speed or w/e if they aren't challenging, but I figured this would be the most cost-effective way to doing @ home cardio.

  2. No ideas?

  3. Just found your thread. The P90X series is great if your working from home.

  4. Hey book,

    I'm looking to mainly do cardio @ home and do my lifting @ the gym. The p90x looks to be mostly a lifting routine.

    Do you know anything about the cardio portions of it? I see there is also a Power 90 and a Slim in 6 program that look cardioish.

  5. do jumping jacks

    they are the #1 most underrated exercise ever.
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  6. I was looking for something that did a little less pounding on the joints.

    Plus, I live in a basement apartment so I'd probably bump into the ceiling a lot!

  7. maybe jumprope?

  8. burpees
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  9. Jumping rope. Jumping jacks. Burpees.

    All great ideas that I can't use inside my apartment My ceilings are about 7-8 ft high.

  10. Train kickboxing, just throwing out several strikes in succession. Requires some room for manueverability, but not too much. A standing punching bag (****'s Sporting Goods) could bring up the intensity after you become a bit accustomed to shadow boxing.

  11. Quote Originally Posted by book View Post
    Just found your thread. The P90X series is great if your working from home.
    Well, I just downloaded the P90x videos. Gonna start up my regimen tomorrow so we'll see how it works out.

  12. public transport?

  13. I can actually run to my gym, not to mention I just got my car back, so I'll be back to lifting. I just live outside Boston and it's too friggin cold to run back and forth from the gym, drenched in sweat.

    It just got me to thinking of ways to do my cardio @ home, to save time and to give me 0 excuse for not doing SOMETHING on days I feel less than motivated to be active.

    Plus, I tried out the P90X Kenpo exercise routine and it kicked my ass...I'm still sore 3 days later, haha. I think I found my solution (for now).

  14. Heh I was going to say that depending on how far it is. Sometimes if the weather is nice I like to briskly walk myself to the gym which takes about 25mins each way. Gets the cardio done.. and it forces you to get it done because otherwise you can't get home


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