Is there anything wrong with eating too frequently?

  1. Is there anything wrong with eating too frequently?

    Like I know that spacing your meals out leads to increased metabolism and all, and most people eat a small meal every 2-3 hours. But is it possible to take it too far? Like I mean instead of eating a meal of 40/20/10 (just for an example) grams of P/C/F every 2 hours (again, just for an example), would it be just as good to eat a meal of 20/10/5 every single hour? Or would that be bad for some reason?

  2. You don't want your body to be digesting foods all the time.
    This can and does detract from other functions the body needs to do.

    Just stick with every 2-3 hrs and you'll be fine.

  3. The calories would add up quickly man, and you'd probably end up fat, or with digestion problems (on the crapper every hour on the hour as well).

  4. Hah plus your insulin levels while constant would be constantly high which is not good for body composition.

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