Looking at Keto diet but confused about PWO carbs?

  1. Looking at Keto diet but confused about PWO carbs?

    So my macronutrient ratio was going to be something like 45% protien 45% fat and 10% carbs (carbs from veggies that are high in fiber mostly) But after a heavy lifting session is it allright to get high gi carbs? Will my body resort to heavy catabolism without an insulin spike from carbs? If eat plenty of protien and carbs after a heavy workout can I gain just a little bit of muscle mass (i'm not huge about 175 lbs)? I REALLY don't want to lose any muscle mass , but cutting is my goal. So will carbs ina PWO shake ruin my Ketogenic diet?

  2. o also sorry for the double post but i was reading some of the boards should i have a day where I eat heavier carbs once every two weeks?

    edit (just saw the edit button) Also is it okay to be doing HIIT on this type of diet?

  3. I'd do a carb meal to carb day once a week depending on your BF levels. Once every 2 weeks is needlessly restrictive. It will likely slow fat loss.

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