cytomel(t3) and alcohol?

  1. cytomel(t3) and alcohol?

    Hey boys, just about to start a cycle of t3, and im curious how drinking say one night out of the week would interact this t3...i dont need a lecture on why im wasting my time or anything im in college and i hav to enjoy myself atleast 1 day outa the anyways back to my point, is there any interaction or side effects that can be caused from drinking one night out of the week while on cytomel (i know on juice and other hormones its fine but not advisable) but how does thyroid hormone react to alcohol? thanks!

  2. Well, depending on how much you drink, you can have elevated Blood Pressure for a few days after a drinking binge. I'm sure this combined with the increased BP from the T3 isn't healthy.

    Then again Dr. D does talk about the quicker metabolism from thyroid hormones (in his case, T4) which I'm sure helps with hangovers.

    Probably advisable to be really careful.


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