looking to drop 10 pounds or so

  1. looking to drop 10 pounds or so

    when I left college last summer i was 191, came back to college at 165 and I'm now at about 177. I want to ditch those 12 pounds. Most of the recent weight gain was during finals week when I was eating terribly and not working out at all.

    this is what my plan is

    eat a lot of spinach everyday to maintain a clean digestive system
    eat dry tuna to get my protein
    bananas for potassium
    drink a lot of water
    hit a stim, i'm thinking leviathan.
    full body lift 3 days a week
    30 minutes of cardio (stationary bike) 6 days a week.

    anyone have any solid additions? I don't know anything about this, I'm just going about it as a rookie.

  2. use fitday.com to work out your calories, first for a few days enter what you are eating now to try and work out a baseline average, then go with 500 calories a day under that

  3. that is an awesome website! thanks.

  4. HIIT training.... I truly believe in it

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