I was reading through  an old M&F and found something about unit weights and thought I would post it

mcg    micrograms 

used to measure vitamins A (retinol), vitamin D, folate, B12

1 mcg=1/1,000 of a milligram or 1,000,000 of a gram

mg     milligram

Used to measure E, C, thiamin, iron, zinc, 1-test and others

1 mg=1/1000 of a gram

IU    &nbs p; Internation Units (measure vitamins activity in the body)

Used to measure A, D, and E

3.3 of A = 1mcg, 400 IU of D=10 mcg, 15 IU of E=1 mg

RE    reti nal equivalents (measure of how much retinol the body creates)

Used to measure A

1 RE=3.3 IU= 1 mcg

And just for anyone that doesn't know 1000 mg=1 gram

Hope that someone finds this useful