Velocity Diet To 10/10 Transformation

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  1. It's def not for sissy's

    Oddly enough I haven't been beeing much more than normal, a little more but I have drank 6 lites of water and just started on 7
    Serious Nutrition Solutions Representative

  2. Pretty solid day today, deff. felt like i had tons of energy, sorness?? not too much of an issue. Loving the food intake, here's a log of every damn thing i consumed today:

    Total water intake estimation 1.5 to 2 gallons

    7:15 a.m.
    1.5 scoops of whey/ mixed in with a cup of blueberries
    2 tbs. of acai berries
    2 tsp. of fish ol'
    3 caps of greens plus
    3 grams of beta alanine
    cup of stir fried veggies covered in seasons

    9 am
    Spike shooter to wake my arse up

    10:30ish am
    8 ounces of skim colby cheese

    1 pm *CHEAT MEAL!* (number 2 of 3 for the week)
    12 inch ham sub, on wheat, all the fixings
    no cheese, no oils, just vinigar, mustard, and seasonings

    3:30 pm
    2 handful mixed nuts

    6:30 pm
    cup of strawberries/rasberries,
    stir fry veggies (same as breakfast)
    2 teaspoons of fish ol'
    2 tbs. of acai berries

    8 pm
    bout 1.5 liters of water with 2 tbs. of glycerine

    9pm (preworkout)
    30 grams of whey, 1/2 banana, 10 grams of bcaa, 5 grams of creatine mono., beta alanine, some glutamine

    10:15 (post workout)
    same as pre, minus the creatine, and beta alanine

    before i go to sleep (PENDING)
    40 grams of dark choco.
    10 grams of BCAA

    Now for the workout: word of advice, glycerine is not a good idea when your hittin' your back hard like a workout today,
    I had the worst back pumps almost as bad as superdrol pumps ouch!
    SupA sets! 60 sec rest, 5x8
    A1 Wide Grip Pullups = not a problem
    A2 Reverse Lunges = again, pumps in the lower back, not a prob.

    B1 DB Push Press = i dont use a belt, i dont believe in them, feeling some indrect work on the erctors haha
    B2 Single Legged Deads! = Alert! Alert! the pumps got rediculous

    Overall, solid workout, im just not gunna run glycerine on days where im gettin a lot of work on the lower back

  3. Damn, can't wait to get some to try out. Beeing flat is my biggest problem on this AD. GMS and my stomach just can't agree
    Serious Nutrition Solutions Representative

  4. Guys as i mentioned earlier, i love planning ahead, I have critqued, and reserached and found to what i believe a great program for a clean bulk for the summer it lasts 14 weeks, check it out!

    MY 14 week summer plan for maxium hypertrophy/strength

  5. Quote Originally Posted by cranghel099 View Post
    I highly suggest you buy his book called Muscle Revolution from either his website or from (think that is the only websites you can get it). Very informative book covers a vast amount of information covering stuff from nutrition to his basic training parameters.

    You also get some of his best workouts he's ever written, most of them updated:
    Beginning Programs:
    Anti-Bodybuilding Hypertrophy
    Big Boy Basics
    Triple Total Training
    Intermediate programs:
    Strength-Focused Mesocycle
    Total Body Training
    Waterbury Method
    SOB Training
    Hybrid Hypertrophy
    Advanced-level programs
    Outlaw Strength and Condition
    Single's Club
    Art of Waterbury
    Lift Fast, Get Big

    Also, try googling some of these programs they should come up with some links. A lot of his programs have been published over at

    Other books I would suggest:
    Black book of training Secrets by Thibs
    Dinosaur Training
    Nutrient Timing

    his e-book can be purchased at his website it's like 20 bucks, not too bad
    Thanks for all the information! I actually bought the Muscle Revolution book from T-nation last night ( I wanted a hard cover not an ebook )

    Was this the Nutrient Timing book you spoke of:

    Nutrient Timing : The Future of Sports Nutrition
    by John Ivy, Robert Portman, Robert Portman

    I have a Barnes and Nobles gift card and if it is I figure I can pick it up using that.

    - Also I subbed on your new log bro, cant wait to see how that progresses

  6. could one use coconut oil for the fats on this diet as well as pysillium seed caps for the fiber

  7. Quote Originally Posted by conan1071 View Post
    could one use coconut oil for the fats on this diet as well as pysillium seed caps for the fiber
    coconut oil? idk prob. not a good idea, i wouldn't modify the diet too much, Shugart picked certain fats for a reason, fish oil, flax seed, and natural peanut butter, the pysillum seed caps should be fine, but id go with the fiber choice tabs

  8. Decent workout today, i worked out with a buddy of mine, kinda slowed my pace down bit, but i managed to try to speed things up
    workout looked like this:

    6x3 super sets 60 sec rest

    A1 Zercher Squat
    A2 Weighted Chins

    B1 DB Romanian Dead lifts
    B2 Decline Bench Press

    couple of notes: i upped the weight on Zercher squats quite a bit, i'm much more comfortable with them now tha i was earlier in this program. The load wasn't really that bad, but it's the manipulation of the arm placement under the bar that makes it akward. Also, Romanian Deadlifts went up about 10 lbs. as well, stil felt light, so i'll modify my next workout for these needs. Decline Bench press was a little of a let down, i havent done a pressing movement with the bar in about 5-6 weeks. Back than i weighed around 182ish, so it was a bit of let down that i couldn't bench as much

    *** It's times like these that i think it's important to remember that in order to achieve our long term goals, we have to set realistic short term goals. I had to kind of remind myself that its lean mass, low bf% im going for right now. The strength gains can come later.

    *** patience is the essence of achievement.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by cranghel099 View Post
    coconut oil? idk prob. not a good idea, i wouldn't modify the diet too much, Shugart picked certain fats for a reason, fish oil, flax seed, and natural peanut butter, the pysillum seed caps should be fine, but id go with the fiber choice tabs
    I agree, don't f*ck with it. It's only 28 days. Contain your ADD for that long and see results.
    “Besides, it is a disgrace to grow old through sheer carelessness before seeing what manner of man you may become by developing your bodily strength and beauty to their highest limit.”

  10. I'm updating weight and measurments since it's a saturday and i havent taking measurments in about 17 days im gunna update that today, i'm one week into phase 2 and weight has gone up about 2 lbs., at the end of phase 1 i weighted about 167.5ish, today i weighted in at 169.4 I really think the weight gunna come flyin' ON at the end of phase 2 with the five day break, that will be the next time i measure

    v-diet transition phase: 2/3/08 1 week into phase 2 2/23/08
    Largest area belly: 29.75......................... . 29.75
    Thigh L/R: 24/24..........................24/24
    Calf L/R: 15.75......................... ... 15.75
    Chest Nipple Line: 40.25....................... 40.75
    Upper abs: 32.5....................... 33
    Hips/Glute area: 37.5 ........................ 37.75
    Shoulders: 47.25....................... 47.5
    Upper Arm L/R: 14.25/14.25......................... 14.625/14.5
    Weight 168........................... ........ 169.4

    So far so good, results slow and steady for the most part, nothing as dramatic as some of my measurements on the v-diet, but im progressing nice and slow, right where i want to be

  11. I'd take a half an inch w/out doing any pressing movements for 5-6 weeks. Good results so far Carlos

  12. Before Velocity Diet: 1/12/08
    Weight: 179 lbs.
    Body Fat percentage: 13%
    Circum. of Belly: 31.5 inches
    Thigh Left/Right: 25/25.25 inches
    Calves Left/Right: 16/16 inches
    Chest-Nipple Line: 41 inches
    Upper Abs: 34.5 inches
    Hips-Circum. of Glutes: 39.5 inches
    Shoulders: 48 inches
    Upper Arm Left/Right: 14.75/14.75 inches

    Thanks JDF, yeah my chest size has gone down overall, but im slowly building it back up

  13. jeez i just looked at my glute measures! no wonder my pants have been feeling soo loose ahhhaa

  14. ****ty workout today felt pretty exhausted during the workout, pretty sure its because the meal prior to my preworkout was my P+F snack, i usally go with the p+c meal about 1.5 hour before my preworkout drink, im gunna try to get some more sleep tonight, see if that helps

    3rd cheat meal today: 2 slices of cheese pizza covered in shrooms and spinach.... hhhyeah i was trippin' ballz.. jk

  15. solid workout last night
    6x3 super set
    Zercher Squats
    Lat pulls wide grip

    Dumbbell romaninan deads
    Weighted Dips

    Notes: Zercher Squats went up
    DB romaninan deads went up
    dropped the weight for dips to really use good form

    Food intake has been fine, notice an increase of hunger which is expected when your doing HFT, sorness minimal usally feel it towards the end of the week. I thnk the use of mesadosing fish oil and megadosing the BCAA, along with total calorie intake is contributing to that

    Feeling a little softer, but i'll lose it on the next phase
    will post later

  16. Ight guys haven't done a through job of updating lately just been busy with school, work and sh!t, so here it goes:

    First off just a quick note, the clean bulking is coming nicely, the weight is really coming on! LIke fast! i'm a little worried that a lot of it could be fat, i still got about 1.5 weeks left on phase 2. The majority of my calories have been clean, other than the cheat meals waterbury says to eat through out the week, total of 3. And while, i've tried to keep these calories fairly clean, turkey, roast beef, ham subs, etc. i may need to rethink my total calorie intake on these cheat meals. Cut the portions down a bit. Another thing, im gunna do is stay away from the FREAKING SCALE until weigh-ins, that could be an issue as well pshycologically I see these numbers, but i gotta remember there just F!CKING numbers! Too many variables to consider (grief).

    Another note, i've had a huge increase of appetite this week, this is obviously side effect of the HFT (five full body workouts a week) which is very demanding. While i manage to eat about every 2.5 to 3 hours, it seems, like i'm craving my next meal every 1.5 hours later.

    I'm considering supplementing with some e/c stack, too kill the appetite, what you guys think of that?? i know e/c has some catabolic effects, but quite frankly, im killing the calories right now, and the bcaa's to where i should be alright

    I've also noticed a decrease in sorness. I have gotten very little soreness during this phase, which is nuts! u would think training five days a week would kill u, but its had the complete opposite effect, my workouts have been more intense and stronger! My weights have consistenly gone up every workout. I'm sure the calorie intake, and macro breakdown is also helping.

    training update: tonight i did 5x8 super set 60 sec. rest

    Wide grip pullups
    Reverse Lunges

    Shoulder Press (switched up from push press)
    single leg deads

    solid workout, no complains here. I decided to give shoulder press a try, ive been doin push press the past four weeks on 5x8(including from phase 1)

  17. Woke up this morning, took my morning piss, and stepped on the scale 172 lbs. So far i'm up about 4 pounds since the beginning of phase 2. One more week of phase 2, and then i will begin phase 3

    Workouts have been great, i really believe HFT is a great way to increase size/strength as quick as possible, as long as your getting enough sleep and your getting enough calories you'll deff pack on some serous mass in just a couple of weeks. I got one more week im hoping to put on another pound or pound.5 which is deff. possible since the last 4 days of this phase = no training. EAT! EAT! EAT!

    i'll be taking some measurements next saturday at the end of this phase.

  18. Anyone have a link handy for the V-diet? Gracias.

  19. getting real close to the end of phase 2, it's coming along pretty good, ive noticed my sleep has been off lately, like im having trouble sleeping as much as i used to, but the thing is i feel pretty energized throughout the day. Occasionally i take a nap in the afternoon, that could be it. Today is my last workout for phase 2
    supersets of 5x8
    A1 pullups
    A2 reverse lunge
    B1 shoulder press
    B2 single leg deads

    After this workout i will have about four days to recover and rest, and pretty much be lazy.

    Will be weighing in saturday morning, and i will be posting some measurements as well, no pics will be up cause honestly its only been 3 weeks, i rather wait for a more dramatic transformation

    Phase 3 begins on sunday:
    nutrition basically gets cut in half, snack are halved, removal of fruits from main meals
    I will still be dosing with BCAA, although I will be using much smaller doses through out the day, instead of high concentrations around my workout and sleep.
    I'll be running an E/C stack all 3 weeks, usallly i only run the e/c stack for about a week into a diet, but im gunna try to stick it out for three weeks

    Training will consists of:
    3 circuit style unilateral fullbody training, as the date gets closer i will go in more depth what exactly this looks like
    as well as some HIIT on tuesdays and thurdays

  20. Quote Originally Posted by SFRANGER View Post
    Anyone have a link handy for the V-diet? Gracias.

    I dont have access to that site from work or I would post the link

  21. I started a slightly modified velocity diet yesterday...

    here are the links to the original articles in 2005

  22. End of Phase 2

    Waist: 29.75
    Thigh L/R: 24/24
    Calf L/R: 15.75/15.75
    Chest: 40.75
    Upper Abs: 33
    Hips/Glutes: 37.75
    Shoulders: 47.5
    Upper Arm L/R: 14.625/14.5
    Weight: 169.4

    End: 3/08/2008
    Waist: 30.25
    Thigh: 24.5/24.5
    Calf: same
    Chest: 41
    Upper Abs: 33.25
    Hip/Glutes: 38
    Shoulders: 47.75
    Upper Arm: same
    Weight: 173.8

    Total increase of weight for phase 2: 4.4 lbs.

  23. Today begins the first day of phase 3. The calorie cutting begins. It's gunna be tough gettin rid of all that fruit from my diet. In order to kill my apetite i will be using an ECA stack. I'll probably be dosing this 2-3 times a day. I'm also gunna add some NEPA walks to this phase to help with the fat loss. I'll be performing NEPA walks everyday for the next three weeks. From my expeirence with NEPA walks there a great way to increase work capacity, and there actually very energizing and relaxing.

    Here's a template of how my diet will look like the next 3 weeks:

    7:30 am
    can of tuna
    mixed veggies or stir fry veggies
    2 teaspoons of fish oil
    acai berries 2 tbls. spoons
    green tea
    greens +

    10:30 am
    handful of almonds/mixed nuts

    1:00 pm
    turkey/roastbeef with asssorted veggies

    4:00 pm
    handful of mixed nuts/almonds (i think im gunna limit the amount of cheese during snacks, i always seem to have difficult digesting cheese)

    TRAINING DAYS = pre/post workout drink
    non training days = salmon with a sh!t load of spinach
    2 teaspoons of fishoil
    2 tablespoons of acai berries
    greens +
    peppermint tea (kill some apetite and quite refreshing)

    right before sleep: 100 grams of dark chocolate with 10 grams of BCAA

    the training gunna be:
    3 unilateral circuit training = M,W,F
    2 lactic acid inducing sprint/biking = T,TH
    NEPA walks 25-40 min. = Everyday

    I have 2 schedule cheat meals a week one on tuesday and the other on saturday. These meals will most likely be clean, with the addition of some complex carbs, for example: a nice sub

    Week1 i will be voiding all cheat meals because yesterday i had a huge cheat meal (chick Fil A sandwach and huge milkshake) to finish off phase 2. I feel like my leptin levels have sky rocketed back to normal, therefore cheat meals won't be necessary for the first week.

    Notes about Phase 2:
    Phase 2 was pretty rough, the high frequency training will deff. catch up to u around the end of week two. I was constantly hungry even though i was taking a surplus of calories. People were saying i looked pale in the face and really tierd. The four days off at the end is a BLESSING. This quick break allows your body to recover from the harsh training u had to go through the past 2.5 weeks. Expect to put on at least 1.5 to 2 pounds in just these four days. Sleep kicked ass during the past 2 days, averaged about 9.5 hours of sleep a night, apetite is slowly going back to normal again, and i've gained color back in my face.

    Phase 2 was a success. I put on a decent amount of weight the past 3 weeks. Although i do not believe all of it is lean mass, some seems to be fat, as ive lost some rippness and vascularity. I can't wait for the end of phase 3! That's when i'll really start seeing some results!

  24. Just got back from the first workout of phase 3, it looked like this

    8x3 unilateral circuit training
    rest: 30 secs between sets

    A1 one-arm lat pulldown
    A2 one-arm dumbbell bench press
    A3 single-leg dumbbell deadlift

    note: u perform each movement with the weaker limb first, do not hold dumbbell on other side, instead force your core to stabilize the movement, no rest between limbs

    I knocked out this workout with a pretty good pace, kept the intensity up, i had to figure out what weight to use, so i will adjust next week, overall solid workout i like the idea of unilateral trianing, hits the core really well, especially one-arm dumbbell presses

    food intake was minimal today, sucks having to knockout all that fruit. The ECA is deff. helping, its the intial days that are the worst when your leaning out, cause your stomach has to adjust and shrink down to size. Also, low carb diets have such a diuretic effect, already noticing my face is looking draw

  25. Phase 3, second workout:

    unilateral circuit training: 5x8, 45 seconds rest

    A1 1 arm (standing) DB shoulder press
    A2 1 arm bent DB row
    A3 single leg DB deadlifts
    A4 pistol squats

    solid workout, my obliques were so sore from the first workout. Seriously, if u wanna stimulate your core, like u've never done before, drop the situps, drop the leg lifts, sh!t drop the deadlifts for that matter, and do one of these unilateral workouts! nuts!

  26. horrible day today...

    i felt soo sh!tty, the past couple of days ive grown increasingly sluggish, i had trouble sleeping last night, i kept on waking up! fcuk! I was so grouchy at work, anybody who walked into the store, i just wanted to wring their neck! on top of that i had to freaking study for a midterm for tommarow!
    i think i may have to modify this diet. I'm thinking some sort of complex carbs with lean protein first thing in the morning, to help me get through the day. I'll try this out for the next couple of days, if this doesnt work, im switching out of waterbury's diet plan and I will be using Joel Marion's cheat to lose priming phase plan.

    personally this plan may better be suited for me, week one is low carb/high fat, high protein meals, week 2 low glycemic load carbs (certains fruits/legumes)/moderate fat, high protein meals, week 3 moderate glycemic load (certain starches), low fat, high protein meal. If i do start this plan it won't be til prob. sunday. I'll go head and finish up the week with waterbury's diet plan

    Increased carb intake, which i think my body is desperatlely in need of

    No more cheat meals throughout the week
    5 meals instead of six meals

    ... im starting to think the v-diet to 10/10 transformation is paying a toll on my body. I hope these adjustments will help. Although, i'm tweaking this diet, the training is still on 100%

  27. Could the waking up at night be because of the ECA? You taking it late at night?

    Seems like you were getting some awesome results but if you arent functioning right then its probably time to switch things up

  28. Quote Originally Posted by JDF View Post
    Could the waking up at night be because of the ECA? You taking it late at night?

    Seems like you were getting some awesome results but if you arent functioning right then its probably time to switch things up
    nah i don't think it is, i usally dose it first thing in the morning, and then usally another at like 2 o clock in the afternoon. (don't even feel the stimuliant sides anymore)

    part of the problem with waterbury's diet plan, is the use of green veggies at each meal.

    Many experts like beardi and thibs over at t-nation, say certain veggies like spinach, brocolli, celery, peppers, contain so much fiber, that your body barely absorbs the calorie content found in these veggies. Thibs even sugggests when counting calories, to not even count green veggies. With that being said, im going to continue with waterbury's plan, becuase your right, i was gettin really good results with it; i plan on incorporating more variety of veggies, some with some calorie content, carrots, some peas etc. I think my sluggishness lately was caused by this.

    ON workout days i will incorprate small amount of complex carbs in the morning prob. half cup of oat bran with some whey.

    I think this will be a better option, so that im not completely ditching waterbury's plan.

    I think part of the waterbury's plan is that is really simple. Convient? yes. but it's so simple, that certain issues, such as the one i spoke of above do not get answereed

    so to recap: i will continue with waterbury's diet plan for the rest of phase 3.

  29. The anabolic stack is working pretty nasty for me. I now its probably mostly cosmetic and from some other things im doing but Im pretty pump'd all day long. I'm doing....

    5gr Creatine Mono
    5gr Glutamine
    2TBS Glycerine
    Down at least 32oz water
    Serious Nutrition Solutions Representative

  30. distillled thats awesome, im glad its workin', sh!it if i had the funds right now, i would deff. give that stack a try, but as of now im barely scrabbin' by with food haha


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