Cutting BF Before Bulking Up!

  1. Cutting BF Before Bulking Up!


    A little back ground info: 5Ē9Ē, 170lbs, 15% BF, and training off and on since 99 (I follow a mix of HST and DC principles in my training routing that works well for me). I have moderate experience with A.A.S., but have since decided to take a natural approach this round since recently getting myself into trouble and shrinking down from 195lbs @ 12% BF. Iím fairly knowledgeable in regard to sups, and my previous major was Nutrition before changing to Business Finance and Management double major.

    That said, I havenít been in the gym in almost a year. Iím weak, loads are extremely light, and endurance is shot. I donít have a gym membership, but I do have access to a gym if needed and also have a decent home gym set up (mostly free weights). Normally when I start/get into a program I chart everything on Excel tracking my progress a long the way. This has worked wonders for me in the past.

    My most recent problem is that I have let my diet go to sh*t and have accumulated a good amounts of BF around my waist and hips (which by the way is where I hold 80% of my body fat anyway). Iíd like to first cut down 10lbs around these area. Knowing spot reduction is nearly impossible I plan to use a dermal and PGF2a in these areas. I also have the choice to use DNP if I feel necessary, but Iíll probably leave that out of the equation

    Now I know many of you will protest but my question(s) is (are) do you think a few week dieting program consisting of only 3 protein shakes a day containing: milk, raw oat bran, extra virgin olive oil, protein powder, cinnamon, and blue berries and other fruits available, as well as a variety of natural sups for further nutrient contain (multi, ect), will hinder my progress? Of course I will also be eating low fat healthy veggie & protein filled dinners nightly to balance out the diet. Remember, this first phase is simply to shed unwanted body fat. The bulking phase will take place after once Iíve achieved a desired BF% - preferably around 12% or lower and weighing no less than 160lbs.

    All though and suggestion as encouraged and welcome Ö & I apologies if my talk of certain substances are prohibited in this forum, but I just need you to know where I stand in my efforts to slim down before bulking up Ö


    PS: As a side note, I usually dont have a hard time with recomping ... so there is a good chance I will lose that fat around the targeted area while gaining muscle else where. I guess I'm blessed in that sense.

  2. Judging by your fitness and nutrition credentials, I believe you know more about I do on this subject, but let me just say... if you follow that diet... you may want to incorporate Bean-o into the mix. For you will most likely be extremely gassy.
    Celtic Labs Rep

  3. It sounds like you have been down that road in the past. you know what you should and shouldnt eat. If you goal is to loose 10 pounds of fat then you dont need any dangerous checmicals. I would say eat every four hours and when eating carbs keep the portion size to the size of your fist, veegies you can eat as much as you like, I did that and went from 20 % BF to 13. Total BF lost is pounds was 16 to 17 pounds, I also lost muscle but now I am gaining it back, Also pickup a bottle of vitamin shoppee brand liquid l cartinine, it helps you body use up fat for energy, worked great for me, I have recently gained 10 pounds without adding an ouch of fat tahnks to liquid l carnitine. Give it a shot.

  4. just keep diet on track, theres no need to use chemicals, just use OTC thermogenics at most.
    10-20 lbs isnt hard to lose naturally at all.

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