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    I don't want to steal this guy's thunder but I had been doing this successfully (without all the bells and whistles) long before this got published.

    Not for the cry-baby!

    Very effective for endos and I would imagine mesos.

  2. Damn!. Thats kinda funny, guys complaining that their ass is too fat!. How effeminate!. To each his own I guess...

  3. I think i will give this a go in a week or two.

  4. I have tried the tuna diet just for fun.

    Lost a decent amount of weight, but gained it back again upon ceasing. quick log

    No androgens though

  5. kind of like a velocity diet with tuna

  6. Can you replace the tuna with something else?

  7. effective? yes
    healthy? no

    just like a lot of things in bodybuilding.

  8. what exactly is the tuna diet? tuna from the can or tuna sashimi from the sushi bar?

  9. The cals seem too low on this, and the meals aren't filling enough IMO.

    A perfect cutter would be doing the v-diet while on androgens for 3-4 weeks, and maybe some IGF-1--add to that a stim like hot rox or leviathan.

  10. something like halo even

  11. And that my friends is why I’ve developed this little 14-day diet plan.
    My goal with this article is to provide a rather simple, but not overly simple, approach to a two week “steroid starvation” diet.
    There is no way, given the recommended calorie range required for rapid fat loss, that your body can positively tolerate this program without the muscle-friendly (and fat burning, I might add) help of anabolic steroids. So, in terms of over-the-counter options, some good choices include1-test or Methyl 1-test. Be sure to use a moderate to heavy dose, depending on prior androgen experience and/or bodyweight.
    Total calories should hover in the range of 5-7 calories per pound of bodyweight, which is damn low (those that don’t want to risk too much LBM loss can jump to 8 calories per pound).
    Brace yourself for some hunger pangs, moodiness, mental fogginess and lack of energy. Sleeping will seem appealing all day I’m sure, until of course you get in bed only to find you have insomnia. Bottom line: don’t undertake this program during a high-stress time at work, school, etc.
    As I prefaced this article in my opening post:
    Quote Originally Posted by B5150
    Not for the cry-baby!

  12. id add some hoodia for appetite suppression, or would that not work? ive never used hoodia, but ive heard it really suppresses your appetite well.

  13. Thx for posting this B I found it somewhat interesting, although, since were both old timers , I gotta say Im sure Ive seen this type of plan laid out in the long past and you probably have too. Maybe on old m&f mag or a musclemedia issue back in the days when it used to be 50% drug related articles. Either way, it was a good read.
    PHF Rep

  14. I read this A LONG TIME AGO. I was actually planning this for the memorial day lake trip. Since Leptigen is not to be found, is there a solid replacement for that?

    Lots of people around here quick to bltch, before reading the words.

    Thanks for the mind refresh B.

    The Historic PES Legend


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