what about strictly cardio?

  1. what about strictly cardio?

    for about 3-4 weeks ive been taking the leviathan/dcp stack along with multivitamins, protein etc. in hopes of dropping all this fat i have...about 40lbs worth. over a years time. right now im 5'9 206lbs. i should be at about 165ish.

    i attempt to use weights 4 days a week and cardio 5-6 days. theres been progress but in the wrong direction.

    with the weights ive been sticking with compound movements and then i do 30 min. moderate cardio. on off days i do 1 hour moderate cardio.

    when i say that the progress has been in the wrong direction, i mean that im not getting any slimmer...just stronger and harder (though i still appear doughy). so its good on one level, but not on the one that im looking for.

    originally, the plan was to strip myself down and then rebuild any muscle lost. since i usually put muscle on pretty quickly it seems like a good thing to do for me.

    so sitting here, i began to wonder what would happen if i left out the weights, bought a pullup bar and did some pushups. in the meantime just do cardio.

    in your experiences what problems do you see happening?

    ps: as for diet...i generally stay pretty clean. chicken, fish and steamed veggies are staple. portions may be my problem though...i could work on that. not that i stuff my face or anything but eating less than i do now...just doesnt seem right. but hell....ill give it a shot.

    so...any problems foregoing the weights in favor of pullups and pushups and upping the cardio?

  2. also remember that every pound of muscle you put on burns a ton of extra calories by itself. Don't underestimate the power of weights

  3. It seems like you have already answered your question. Naturally, if you do real cardio for 6 days a week you will loose some muscle mass as well as some strength. But the fat is going to drop of if your diet is calorie correct. If you implement a pushup/pullup protocol to your routine then you may end up actually being stronger pound for pound by the time you reach your goal. (which will take a long time if you are looking to drop 40 pounds)

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