Trans Fat Article

  1. Trans Fat Article

    Beat the trans-fat labeling flap

    By Hal Walter

    Last year's release of a National Academy of Sciences study concluding there is no safe level of consumption for trans fats sparked the Food and Drug Administration to hasten new labeling requirements for products that contain these substances. New labels listing the amount of trans fats in products could appear as early as 2004.

    However, since the NAS found no safe limit, and since trans fats play no necessary role in human nutrition, it presents a unique labeling problem in stating a "Daily Value" which is standard for "Nutritional Facts." To get around this glitch, the FDA has instead proposed an asterisk with footnote at the bottom of the labels stating: "Intake of trans fat should be as low as possible."

    No kidding. While trans fat contained in hydrogenated oil has long been associated with adverse effects on cholesterol ratios that could lead to heart disease, it's also been linked to obesity, diabetes and cancer. Dietary trans fats are also believed to displace omega-3 fats in the brain, contributing to Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Maybe that information should be on labels instead.

    Manufacturers use hydrogenated oils in their products because they increase shelf life and also are inexpensive. It's clear these manufacturers are more interested in the bottom line than your health. According to the Wall Street Journal, lobbyists for some processed food giants are even now fighting the FDA's proposed footnote, arguing it constitutes nutritional counseling rather than straight facts about what is in the product.

    On the other hand, some health-care professionals argue that trans fat consumption may be as serious a risk factor for disease as smoking, and we're all familiar with the warnings printed on cigarette labels.

    While the legal label battle rages, you can take control of your health right now using the current information. Trans fats are found in hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated oil which are already required to be listed as ingredients, and the NAS had made it clear there is no safe level of consumption.

    Simply read labels and don't buy products that contain these substances.

  2. IT's amazing how many products contain this silent killer.
    The average American family is ingesting this SH*t by the Ton. IT has been an never ending battle to stay away from this stuff totally.

    Maybe things will start to change at a faster rate to eliminate this stuff from ALL FOODS.

    WW7......good post

  3. Nice post WW7!

  4. Trans-Fat is the devil indeed. Combine that with processed carbs, and you've got a baddie on your hands (Ritz, anyone?)

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