weight loss in-depth diary

  1. weight loss in-depth diary

    well first off im 17 and a junior in highschool. im looking for a perfect body for football and wrestling next year for the best shape possible. i orderd DCP and L-R 15 days ago. i have been on this stack for 11 days now and all i can say is that i think the results are pretty awesome. i will continue till i run out of both bottles. my dosage is, 2,2 in morning; 2,2 pre-workout; 2,1(L-r=1) before dinner.

    i usually workout mid-day after school. i will continue to post pic updates and anything you guys would wanna know. i know that pictures for you guys to see is very motivational not only for me but also for you to continue along the same path i am. any motivational support would be very much appreciated. thanks alot you guys and this is my new years resolution. :-)


    DAY 11

  2. Great work! Hope it keeps going well- I'm on a very similar stack.
    The only thing I would suggest is to focus a lot on building muscle at this point. It will increase your metabolism which will burn most of your fat off for you, especially if you're doing HIIT mixed in there.

  3. alright everyone here is day 17. i think i can see i slight difference in the ab area and also on the shoulders you guys should let me know if you see anything else. thanks alot guys

  4. the lower abs are noticeably different

  5. I see less adipose on your right pectoral area...but it could also amount to hydration. A side profile may have more telling results.

  6. i been doing a lot of ab work lately so i think thats why its more noticable. ill put another pic up in 2 days. and ill include a side pic as well from now on. i have been keeping hydrated. thanks for input you guys. motivates me more to continue.

  7. alrightanother update. ithink can see a vast decrease in the ler flab of my belly. tell mewhat you think. thanks again.

    DAY 24

  8. definitely a significant difference

  9. pretty stressful day today but made up for it in the gym. felt well rested and energy is maintained in the gym. my body feels tighter and i have much more endurance. my abs are week from yesterdays training so i didnt hit them barely at all in the gym. one thing i need to work on though is my lats. any good lat workouts you guys know?? thanks agian

  10. got another pic to put up. im officially 150 now weighing in first thing in the morning. this means that ive lost 6 pounds. i weighed in at 156 36 days ago. awesome. im going to continue till 145. then im done and i have to start gaining. here is the picture!



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