Appetite enhancers?

  1. Appetite enhancers?

    We all know the importance of packing in the food while bulking. These last couple days have been my days off, and I've had the leisure of sitting around and eating whenever I get hungry.

    However, before noon or so, I really have to force myself to eat anything, which really sucks because I should get as much food in as possible before going to work.

    Is there anything proven to increase appetite? Sure, there's boldenone, but I haven't gone to the dark side quite yet.

  2. Dessert menus always increase my appetite

  3. injectable B12 also is supposed to help with appetite

  4. Nice... but if there's gonna be a needle sticking out of me regularly, it might as well be filled with test. Not going the injection route yet.

    Is there some sort of sublingual B12 anywhere? It was mentioned in another B12 thread, but they did not elaborate on it at all.

  5. bump this, i'm also lookin into this area w/o finding many results
    thx guys

  6. I know Vitamin Shoppe sells Raspberry flavored liquid sublingual B12. Twinlab also sells b12 "dots" that are sublingual. I have no idea how these compared to inj B12.

  7. NOS Precursor helps get my apetite RAVING.

  8. thx guys

  9. Picked up some of the B12 "dots"... maybe it's placebo, maybe not, but it seems to help. I definitely have some more energy taking two of those a day.

  10. marajuana, like no other

  11. Originally posted by Lgoosey
    marajuana, like no other

  12. Isn't there an anti-histamine that increases appetite? I can't for the life of me remember the name but a place that I used order gear from had something they touted as an appetite enhancer and I think the name started with a "P".

  13. I found that when I was on Fuzu that my already large appetite was absolutely raging. Even if tribulus may not exert much in the way of actual anabolic effects in and of itself it still can be useful in helping you to injest the necessary calories to grow.

  14. Yup, tribulus gave me a huge appetite too. Didn't seem to do anything else though.

  15. Ya know... I think I remember hearing that about Fuzu as well, and I also remember hearing that the fenugreek extract is responsible for that. Interesting thought...

  16. Bump on the FUZU increasing appetite, thats about the only thing it does do...

  17. Well I wouldnt' say that appetite enhancement is the only effect that fuzu has, I also noticed it to do a few other things. While on the stuff at six pills a day my sex drive was through the roof, and I was really able to crank up the intensity of my gym workouts, as I found that the stuff worked in raising my aggression levels.


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