Weight loss program..opinions, comments?

  1. Weight loss program..opinions, comments?

    I have a very good female friend who BADLY wants to lose weight. She is 5'6" and currently 248 lbs. She was as high as 305 a couple of years ago and by walking several miles a day and eating less was able to drop to 205...but now is back up. She is very intelligent and like I said highly motivated and wants to be under 200 by May1st...and would like to be in a size 6 dress by 9 months. This is the program I have designed for her:
    Diet: high protein, moderate monosaturated fat, lower carb
    Daily example:
    7AM: 1/4 cup almonds, 1 slice 100%whole wheat bread, 3 hard boiled egg whites = 240 calories
    9:30AM: 1/2 cup blueberries, 1/4 cup almonds = 140 calories
    Noon: Peanut butter sandwich (2 slices 100% whole wheat bread & 2 tablespoons natural peanut butter) = 360 calories
    2:30PM: 1 protein pudding cup = 160 calories
    5PM: 1 baked chicken breast and salad w/ low fat dressing = 300-400 calories
    8PM: 1/2 cup almonds = 200 calories

    I am aiming for 5 small meals a day with total calorie intake of 1500-1800 cal.

    Mon-Wed-Fri - HIIT 15-20 minutes (basically doing suicides with walking for 1 minute between 20 second sprints)
    Tue-Thur - moderate walking for 1 hour
    20 minutes of weight training all 5 days also.

    Water intake: She is drinking about 96 ounces of water daily

    Supplements: green tea and I am going to start her on RPN's DCP

    So far she has actually gained 1 pound! i am pretty sure that is muscle gain..she said she feels "firmer".

    What do you think? Anything I am missing? Comments please!

  2. What was her diet like prior to your suggestion?

    Cals seem extremely low.

  3. I ran three different BMR calculators and they all had her's at 1900 calories..so shouldn't a deficit of 200-300 be good without putting her into starvation mode?

    Her previous diet plan in her own words:
    got to 205 by doing the following:

    Cutting quantities of food in half.

    In the morning I would drink oatmeal
    At 10am I would eat a tuna sandwhich

    For lunch I would just eat fresh pineapple or watermelon and yogurt. Or for at least 2 days in the week I wouldn’t eat a lunch.. I would just drink milk and maybe have some fruit.

    And I would walk for about 30-40 min. every day at lunch. But I was running, then walking, then running, then walking the trail up at the park near work. Ialso would get up on the weekends at least 1 day on the weekend and walk a 3 mile walk around **** Woods.

    For dinner I would just cook a good meal.. I’d cook rice or soup or something latin American and didn’t really count calories or carbs ever. I would just watch the quantity but ate really good at dinner time… Nearly anything I wanted but NO cheese ever, NO butter, only olive oil used when cooking and ate chicken, white rice, fish, beef, sometimes pork, but I just cooked with lots of salsa and different foods… I also ate home made pure ground corn tortillas.. about 2 of them.

    An example of how bad she wants this...her past saturday exercise consisted of:
    ran/jogged1.5 miles then walked 5 miles..that evening she went dancing and danced for 4 hours non stop.

  4. I'd start her out with the Abs Diet. Its pretty simple, yet effective. Great program for beginners, or really anybody for that matter(except the really hardcore bodybuilders).

  5. I checked out the Abs Diet...they seem to focus on 12 super foods. In my sample diet above you can see I have 8 of those 12 foods. Seems a big thing with the abs diet is a focus on higher amounts of monosaturated fat (ie:almonds, peanut butter.avocados)..which is what I have her on



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