got some blood work done and the doctor brought to my attention that my thyroid levels are way out of wack. My TSH was high but my thyroid hormone was low. Showed signs of being hypothyroidism but the TSH was high. I have been taking T3 for the pas year and a bit at a moderate dose. This is obviously what is causing it but i didnt say anything to the doctor at the time. She couldnt explain the values as they didnt make sense to her. Along with this is my iron values are 395 when the norm is 250-320. She told me it describes Hemochromatosis and is having me do another blood test and then referring me to a specialist. Does the t3 have a link with the increased iron levels? And what is going on with the tsh values and my metabolism right now?
If any1 could chime in here to help me understand i would appreciate it