winterball coming up need to cut fast

  1. winterball coming up need to cut fast

    last week did pretty dam good in the gym with the DCP+ Levi-R stack.i lost around 2 pounds. winterball is next sunday so i have 7 days to lose as much as possible. any suggestions to aid in more loss? currently im doing 45 min lifting and 20 min cardio on tredmill. im also doing recommended dosage of 2DCP+1 levi-R in morning, 2DCP+2 Levi-r pre workout, and 2 dcp right before dinner. thanks guys. any imput would be awesome

  2. Switch it- do HIIT for 45 minutes- don't slack- push to your limits on every interval - and 20 minutes weights. If the HIIT knocks you out (which it should a few of the days if you're doing it right) - go even lighter on the weights. You're stack already looks fine.

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