Fat Loss stack

  1. Fat Loss stack

    Back in late 06 I ran the Venom Tri-Lean stack with great success. It's time to drop some lbs. again. Should I stick with the Tri-Lean or try something else, like the DCP/Lev reloaded stack?

  2. Leviathan/DCP has kept my weight exactly where it's at and I'm a little leaner. It's not as effective as I'd hoped, but I am seeing results.

    I'm on Leviathan/DCP, Drive/RPM, Sesamin Oil, Sesathin and Fish Oil.

    I would use Leviathan/DCP again in the future, because it did maintain my mass during a cutting phase, but it didn't cut as much as I wanted to. If my primary purpose was bodyfat loss, I would try something else, but if your goal is muscle maintenance and some fat loss, I think you'll like Lev/DCP.

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