Most Efficient Weight Loss?

  1. Most Efficient Weight Loss?

    HIIT or LI? should i alternate?


  2. HIIT and or Morning fasted cardio

  3. any others? what time should i do it? should i carbcycle with hiit?

  4. Alternate

    also a fan of HIIT then 10-15mins LI

  5. Quote Originally Posted by CoNs View Post

    also a fan of HIIT then 10-15mins LI

    This is a good idea because the HIIT will mobilize a lot of fat to be burned for fuel, and then the low intensity cardio will burn it up.

    I might do upwards of 20 minutes of the LI cardio to get a better effect, though. I'd probably take a quick 10g or so dose of BCAAs after the HIIT. This will help prevent muscle catabolism.

    But the short answer to the poster is just do both. Each is good, just don't take either to the extreme. Just remember that if you do two 20 minute sessions in a day it will burn more fat than a single 40 minute session of LI cardio. This will also help control cortisol levels.


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