Time to cut up! Need some help here.

  1. Talking Time to cut up! Need some help here.

    I currently weigh 200 at 5'6" and I have a midsection I need to get rid of.

    I checked my BMR and did the harris benedict equation came out to :
    1959 BMR x 1.5= 2938 - 1000= 1938/6 = 323 Kcal/meal

    So this is what I have come up with so far as far as meal planning.



    Instant Oatmeal packet (160) and a banana (105) milk (63) 1/2 cup =328
    2 Eggs (175) 1 slice toast (100), olivio (olive oil spread)(50) 325
    Cereal (200) 1 cup, milk 2% (130) 1 cup 330


    chicken breast (100), 1 Cup brown rice Cooked (216) = 316
    Tilapia (100), 1C brown rice (216) = 316

    Tortilla (81) peanut butter (190) 2 tbsp, apple cut 65 = 336
    Protein shake 2 scoop 240 (dextrose added to postWO shake)
    Tortilla (81) PB 1tbsp (95) Banana (105) = 281

    Chicken breast (100), 1/2C rice(108), and a veggie
    Tilapia (100), 1/2C rice(108), and a veggie

    I need some more input on the meal planning, but that is what I have so far. I ran out of ideas.

    As far as my lifting, I lift 5 days/week, and do 3 sets of 8 pretty heavy, and cardio on almost all of them, and some off days I do an abs workout, but that is a rarity.

    Supps as follows that I have at my disposal:
    (Planning on using)
    Vigor (unless I can manage to eat more green stuffs)
    Lean Xtreme
    Yohimbine (primaforce caps)
    Bulk Taurine Powder (what should I dose this at?)
    Omega 3 Capsules
    EGCG from Now foods in capsules
    Xpand for PreWO (I love this stuff, the pumps are great)

    (Supps I have but will use later, once I shed some lbs)
    Leviathan Reloaded
    Activate Xtreme

    I also have some superdrol laying around (the First gen stuff, which I am not planning on using for a little while)

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

  2. Oh, I forgot to add, in my line of work, it is hard to stick to the dinner. We all eat together and I have very little control over what we cook. Although it is every 3rd day, I try to watch how much I eat for dinner while at work.

    Also I was thinking about keeping the Activate for a PCT for the SD.

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