Carbing Out

  1. Carbing Out

    Is a very low carb diet the best option for losing fat? I am going to start dieting soon, and want to burn this excess fat as quickly as I can. However, my primary focus is maintaining the muscle mass that I have built while bulking, and perhaps even gaining a little more it that is possible.

    I have heard a low carb diet can cause some loss in muscle mass. However, I will be using a Levithan Reloaded/ Incarnate stack and was thinking that it might counteract some of the muscle-burning side effects. If not, can anyone tell me a good way to diet to lose the fat as fast as possible without sacraficing the muscle? I am 6' 2'', 230ish, with about 22% body fat. How many calories should I be consuming, along with grams of protein, fat, and carbs (and what kind)?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have been overweight my entire childhood and am now a junior in highschool. This new bodybuilding kick has helped me develop a physique better than I have ever had before, with fantastic stregth gains, but I still need to get rid of this gut and flab on my legs, face, arms, and well, everywhere.

  2. I tend to keep my muscle and lose most fat on a CKD type diet with carb refeeds every 21st meal or so which puts you at about early day 4 for the carb feed.

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