How to get the abs back...

  1. How to get the abs back...

    I am in good shape, Im a D1 athlete I have 8% bf, my body has little fat on it anywhere except on my stomach, its chunky, with a little definition. So basically is there a fat burner out there that just specifically works on just your abdominal region?


  2. Good question I'm bigger than you 18%BF but I store most my weight in my midsection. Do you have a high stress job or consider yourself a high stress indivdual? High level of Cortisol will tend to store wieght around the midsection. Higher levels of cortisol come as a result of stress. Lean Extreme, 11-OXO and X-Lean com to mind. I use Lean extreme and it really seems to help, I lost alot of weight last year.
    Lean extreme is cheaper then 11-OXO but 11-OXO also has some muscle building properties. Lean Extreme has a new version out 2.0 not sure what has changed.
    I also use DCP although it's not specifically targets the mid section, it helps mobilize to be burned while also helps prohibit it from being stored which would help on any cut.


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