Body fat ? and advice on Cutting stacks(photos)

  1. Body fat ? and advice on Cutting stacks(photos)

    OK i would like for you guys to guess my body fat i've been up as high in wieght as 290lbs and been as low as 170(when i was boxing 2 years ago) but right now i've started to lifting weights and was wanting mass but the other day i looked at my body and its horrible seems like i took a wrong turn somewhere 3 to 4 months ago my body was in shape on the way to good mass build( 4th picture at six flags my girlfriend took the picture) but now i'm trying to get back on track

    My diet is in order my weight lifting is in order and now i'm starting back on the Cardio program 3 times a week the only thing that gets me is counting my Carbs i can do calories but the Carbs thing has me stumped how much do i consume and at what times ? not before bed?

    and if you don't mind could you recommend me a hardcore cut stack doesn't matter the price and no i'm not looking for supplements to do it for me i just need something to give my body that spark cause for some reason i retain Fat and water alot i was 290lbs for 8 years before i got back to working out and jogging

    but anyway here is my photo i would appreciate it if you could help i will post again in a month or two to show results from your help

    i included a picture of what i looked like 3 months ago at six flags(just to prove that i'm not looking for a magic supplement i actually do listen to advice and train
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  2. cant help you with bodyfat, im not good with guessing, those pictures are kinda close to. if you have been from 290 to 170 i imagine you've got a good idea about losing weight. as far as carbs go, you've done your research so you know where you want to be getting your carbs from. your best bet is to be splitting them up throughout all of your meals. what is you weight right now? i wouldnt worry about adding in supps just yet . wait till the ball starts rolling first.

  3. i'm 206 i checked this morning......i'm trying to go ahead and buy all my supps/stacks now to get in the training mindset....any ideas ?

  4. ive heard alot of good things about CLA. ive been using it for about a month and ive lost over 5lbs and im lifting more weight so im guessing what i lost was pure body fat. and i also have a little better definition. but with this you have to eat well (like any other supp) but what i like best about it is its really cheap and totally safe.

  5. what are you taking now? protien, fish oil,???

  6. im taking protein fish oil and cla, but i also just started taking super drol 3 days ago

  7. i dont know if SD is the way to go right now. what are your meals like? macro breakdown? i hope you know what you are doing with that stuff.

  8. ive been researching the crap out of this stuff so i should be ok. im loading up on things that are high in good fats(peanut-butter) im also taking a bunch of fish oil and drinking things like cranberry juice for bp. i have to do this on a budget so im trying to cut corners wherever i can. maybe not the smartest thing to do but i cant afford not to

  9. do you have a PCT lined up?

  10. Carb counting on superdrol isn't the best approach in utilizing the hormone as it's very glycogen sensative i.e it'll cause massive glycogen storage. Without the appropriate amounts of carbs you could set yourself up for some increase in lethargy and the like. Also, I don't believe it's best suited for a major cardio regimine either, due to the increase in muscle cramps(especially calf and sheens), something like h-drol or furza is probably more in line with your goals.

    That being said, your already on it so no time to turn back now. If I where you, and this is solely my advice, as I've never actually tried this(just thought about it). I'd run a major low dose of SD like 5-10mg/day spreadout before and/or after workouts. Cut carbs back moderatly and in a slow fashion from where your at now(avoiding all carbs after 5'oclock or so), and keep track of how you feel during the process. Aim for a moderate even balance of macro's like 33/33/33 of carbs/protein/fat. This should supply enough carbs to nix the lethargy onsets common with SD.

    If you count calories then macro's will be easy for you. Just take your calorie amounts throughout the day and multiply them by your macro percentages.


    33% carbs would be .33
    So say you consume roughly 2000kcals/day. Then 2000X.33 = 660kcals/carbs

    A carbohydrate and protein equals 4cals/gram.(Fat equals 9)

    660/4kcals per gram = 165 grams of carbs per day(protein would be roughly the same since percentages and cals per gram are the same)

    Fat would equal 2000X.33 = 660kcal/day

    660kcal/9kcals per gram = 73.33grams of fat per day.

    Hope this helps some.
    ~ Nothing can kill the Grimace!!

  11. yes it does thanks


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