TTA Question

  1. TTA Question

    I'd search, but TTA is too short to search on.

    What kind of diet is best when TTA is being used? I'd assume a low-fat diet would be best, but I'm not sure.


  2. Wondering the same thing, just ordered some myself.

  3. Depends on your goals I suppose but it acts by turning your liver into a fat burning machine. A keto diet works well with it as does a standard 40/40/20 with a caloric deficit and some low intensity cardio.
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  4. Thanks BP. Keto diets and I get along real well, so that will probably be the way I go.

  5. Hi, if you're going low carbs/keto, I would recommend implementing regular refeeds.

    I personally would do something closer to 40/40/20 on TTA, ... extra carbs/electrolytes would be helpful too.

  6. Keto with refeeds every 21st meal or so seem to work really well for me.


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