Shred FAT..

  1. Shred FAT..

    Ok so im trying to help my buddy out, he is a beast in the weight room, but he wants to get cut.. He has more BF then he wants.. (or so he claims)
    He runs about 15 min. after every workout with me, to get in better shape.. (2 incline, and around 6.0)
    Well I wanted to find something to help him lose some BF, and become more tone..
    So i'm wondering if anybody knows of anything that could help him out, but won't really throw him off when were working out, he doens't want to lose what he has earned..
    He just got 225x10 on the bench, and his goal is to make it to 300 1RM. (IDK when)

    So if anybody has anything to share with us, that would be greatly appriciated!


  2. The diet is crucial, but other than that I would recommend HIIT training 2 to 3 times a week, or heart rate targeting low intensity. Find out what his ideal fat burning heart rate is, calculators for this everywhere, and then do cardio on a treadmill for 45min to an hour staying in the targeted heart rate range. For me its walking at 4.5 with a slight incline. Staying at that heart rate ensures that you burn the energy from fat tissue without burning muscle tissue.

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