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    I am 47 years old, never really been into lifting. I now have an excellent Trainer, but am wondering if anyone out there has a great way to lose pounds fast (without too much cardio).'

    I have tried UCP-1, am currently using T1-Pro (old formula) and taking Animal Pak supplements.

    I eat low carb / low fat, high protein.

    I am currently 206#, 34" waist, have really gained in muscle since Feb 2003.

    Help me lose!

    Thanks........................ ............

  2. Well... You're kinda asking for a magic bullet right there, man. There ain't no such thing. ECA is hard on the nervous system and can cause heart attacks in less young people, such as you.

    There's the anarchy stack which will do you much good. But again, really, these supplements, even ECA, only work well if you do, do, do, do, do, the boring aerobics. Not cardio. Aerobics. The difference is that cardio is usually anaerobic and aerobics are an activity that lets you breathe easy.

    Keep at about 70% of your max heart rate (at 47, the max is about 175. 2/3 of that is 110). So spend your 40 minutes at a fast walk or swim or whatever, if possible early in the morning before breakfast, do that every single day, and in a few months you'll be a new man.

    Shortcuts? There ain't no magic bullet, sir.

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