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    I just finished bulking and I am now looking to do my first serious cut ever and want to get into single digit bf% by february. As far as my workouts go:

    Mon: Chest/Tri/15-20 mins of HIIT training
    Tue: 45 Min low intensity cardio,heart rate at optimum fat burning level
    Wed: Shoulders/Legs/15-20 mins HIIT training
    Thur: 45 Min low intensity cardio,heart rate at optimum fat burning level
    Fri: Back/Bis/15-20 mins of HIIT training
    Sat: 45 Min low intensity cardio,heart rate at optimum fat burning level
    Sun: Rest

    Also Im taking Lipo 6X 4x daily as well as my multi-vitamin, my diet is as clean as I can make it in my current location. Im between 2000-2200 calories a day, which puts me at about a 600-700 calorie deficit a day. With a breakdown of 45%CARBS,45%PROTIEN,10%FAT, I dont eat any sweets and drink an abundance of water daily. Also I am considering adding morning cardio too.

    Just lookin to see if theres anything Im missing or could improve upon to help me get better results. Thanks for any help.

  2. Looks pretty much by the book. Don't be afraid to skip the low intensity stuff if you're recovering from the day before- especially if you're doing your HIIT as HI as it should be (:
    Keep us posted dude

  3. Thanx, I lost a few pounds pretty quick, but I'll be honest it was probably due to the end of my bulk diet not being too clean. So I figure I put on a few extra pounds of bad weight. But after the first week my weight loss decreased to about half a pound to a pound a week. Plus doing cardio, on a regular basis, is a totally new addition to my regiment. Oh yea, and HIIT training owns!!!!

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