I've been experimenting with a new fitness measurement for the last several months and I love it. I want to take it public now and get some feedback. Maybe there's something out there already similar, but I haven't seen it.

First it requires a scale that does induction to give you your fat % and lean mass % (<$100 at sears or whatever). (Obviously if you have more accurate methods, great- but the scale seems to work fine as long as the measurements are relative to each other).

The premise is simple- the core fitness measurement is your ratio of lean mass % to fat %. This way your number improves whether you are cutting or bulking, and water issues kind of leave the equation altogether. The rest of the formula is just adjusting it so that the number goes up as your fitness improves, is at zero (and below) when you're in a very unfit stage, and is at 100 when you're very fit. (And I'm sure a bunch of people on this forum will be able to boast numbers well above 100).

Here it is:
LP - Lean mass percent
FP - Fat percent

100 x (2.5 - (LP / FP) )

So far I love it because:
* When I do healthy things throughout the day, whether drinking lots of water, dieting well, exercising, healing from a previous workout, etc., the number always goes up.
* If you log this and graph it, the graph is nice and smooth- none of the deviance like you get with weight due to any number of factors unrelated to your overall / longterm health
* Unlike simply watching fat % where it might be many days before anything moves, and unlike watching weight, where things are moving all over the place all the time, you can see this metric move pretty much every day in a logical direction, big enough jumps when you're trying hard to keep you motivated.
* Works the same whether you're cutting or bulking! In fact, best results when you alternate regularly...
* The % Body Fat and % Muscle Mass measurements are usually a bit off due to various things, but when you take the ratio it tends to get rid of the external factors.

Examples (notice I'm not posting my weight- it was jumping all over the place and wouldn't show anything useful):
(Me, a couple of days before Christmas)
% Body Fat: 21.8
% Muscle Mass: 40.6
Score: 36.24

Then after a couple of Christmas dinners and too much junk:
% Body Fat: 22.0
% Muscle Mass: 40.4
Score: 33.64

Then after a couple of days of getting back on a clean diet and working out:
% Body Fat: 21.7
% Muscle Mass: 40.5
Score: 36.64
Which corresponds with how I feel- back on track to where I was before Christmas hit (:

BTW, when I started seriously trying to get in shape a year and a half ago I was at about a -30 on this scale, so if you do the calculation and you're in the negative, don't feel bad- it'll feel good to watch that number pull up as you do the right things.

Feedback and critiques please. Thanks!